Share on: Video: Things in Violet Hill are not looking good at the moment. The small town is practically over run by the vicious Hel-Blar vampires: not the civilised, friendly and hot variety that Lucy is used too — these are feral, and attack indiscriminately, humans and vampires alike. This has done them some favours — the Helios-Ra academy, previously sworn enemy of all things fanged and nocturnal, has united with the Drake Vampires in an uneasy truce to work together to wipe the Hel-Blar out for good. But with the Blood Moon — an ancient meeting of vampires — approaching, and a Hel-Blar leader something previously unheard of demanding invitation. There were lots of interesting things happening, but never really explored in great detail, the grittier stuff brushed over for romance and hot boys. And while Bleeding Hearts has plenty of the latter, it is somewhat darker and edgier than the previous instalments, with further reaching consequences than whether or not the latest teenage girl will get her happily ever after with one of the Drake brothers.

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When Christabel is mistaken for Lucy and kidnapped Conner Drake is determined to find her no matter the cost to him. Review: Bleeding Hearts is the fourth book in the Drake Chronicles. Christabel is in love with classic authors and poets, and she quotes them constantly. No matter where she goes she can be found with her head in a book. Something about her felt off. At times I found her to be annoying.

I had a hard time getting through her sections especially when she said things like: "I read a lot. I love books. Conner Drake is the brother being highlighted in Bleeding Hearts. Conner is the high tech brother in the family. Unlike his twin, Quinn, Conner is more comfortable with electronics than he is with girls. But he is a Drake so he knows his way around a variety of weapons and like his brothers he definitely knows how to use them. I kind of feel bad for Lucy.

Lucy makes a decision that she hopes will help her be better prepared to face the dangers in Violet Hill. Generally these books have been among my favorites but for me this one fell short. Instead of just good or bad vamps there are many types and each has their own back story. In Bleeding Hearts we are introduced to the Na-Foir, a type of vampire not seen before.

Plus I was not a fan of the cliff hanger. The couples pose is dramatic and dangerous making me want to read what their story is all about.


Bleeding Hearts

Shelves: for-review , ya-paranormal-romance Ive always been a huge fan of Alexandra Harveys work and The Drake Chronicle series is one of my favourites. As you can all tell, were now on book 4 and usually you would expect the series to lose the excitement that it had when it first started, well this is not the case with this series. This series is just as exciting, dangerous and thrilling as ever and it just keeps getting better and better! Christabel is now living with Lucy because her mother is in rehab. Lucky for her, Connor Drake comes to her rescue but it only leads to more a dangerous situation. Can Connor save Christabel in time?

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Quotes from Bleeding Hearts

If you have kept up with the series you know that the Drakes are royalty among the vampires and Solange is having a hard time with her blood change. Now its time for the Blood Moon and all the vampires from all around are coming to the Drakes and their are some Hel Blar that are wanting recognized during the Blood Moon, they are blue but not like the other Hel Blar. The Hel Blar are rampaging Violet Hill, but some of them are acting a little stranger and wearing weird collars, who is controlling them? Christabel has come to visit, but they are under strick curfews because of the resent events with the Hel Blar. Then Christabel is kidnapped because they thought they were grabbing Lucy and Conner Drake runs to the rescue. Conner Drake is the computer nerd of the Drakes, still hot and sexy like the others but has a love for computers, comics and Star Wars.


Bleeding Hearts


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