Create New Not to be confused with ReBoot , the cartoon. Reboot is a book series by Amy Tintera. Only Texas, which sealed off its borders when the epidemic got bad, is left. It is never explained what happened to the rest of the world: whether it also was wiped out by the plague, or merely decided on a Quarantine with Extreme Prejudice for America and life moved on.

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For the lucky ones, when they die, whether due to the disease, starved, shot, or stabbed, they rise from the dead. Some were dead for 22 minutes and rose, while others were dead for minutes. The risen dead have become Reboots, hated by humans yet stronger and faster then them. Kids, however, are taken by the HARC, to become slaves. They are trained by there best Reboots. They learn to fight and kill.

They can take a bolt and survive just about everywhere, except their heads. The trainees who become the best train the next set of newbies. Wren, one-seventy-eight is the best of her kind and has the highest number. Those above tend to have no emotions, less human. Wren is one of them. She loves the thrill of the chase. Ones below 60 are more human, more emotional. Callum, twenty-two, has a low number, to human. Wren decides to train him, unusual for her. However, Wren begins to have feelings for Callum.

Making a deal with one for the guards, Wren escapes with Callum. Through some troubles, Wren, Callum, and other characters are able to liberate one of the Reboot facilities and bring them to safety.

Wren and Callum are together and must now journey on to their next goal. Not bad. What I really liked the most was that the whole boy-girl thing was reversed. Wren is the badass character, best of her kind.

Callum is the worst trainee. Unlike the usual where the guy is tough and the girl is weak, but becomes strong. However, I felt that after half way through, everything was going to fast and the details were skipped over.

He was a bit to weak and girlish in my eyes. Character descriptions where no longer there New characters where brought in, they were undeveloped characters that just confused me. Really I just disliked how the book went downhill. In the end, I liked the book. It started off with such a breathtakingly fast pace, that my heart was left racing when I flipped the page.

The main character is a badass Heroine. I love the book, possibly more, because it was a girl as a protagonist. She struggles throughout the novel to come to terms with her emotions as a reboot. She is expected to not have any emotions, especially during her assignments and fights. This new boy that is brought in to her life challenges every standard she has come to know in her new life. The writing was fluent, and the read was fast paced to say the least.

I started and finished within two sittings. All Dystopian lovers will love this book.


ReseƱa 'Reiniciados' de Amy Tintera

When I first read the synopsis of this book I had to do a double take because I thought someone had written a biography about me Girl has no emotions, a bad case of resting bitch face, and hates everything And yeah you guessed it Wren is a reboot. A reboot is when someone dies and comes back to life then becomes part of a government program where they are trained to basically be the new form of police. The When I first read the synopsis of this book I had to do a double take because I thought someone had written a biography about me Your rank is tattooed on your wrist with a little bar-code. Wren was dead minutes after being shot in the chest.


Reboot Series



Reboot (2013)


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