Biography[ edit ] Federico Andahazi was born in Buenos Aires , Argentina, at Congreso, a very central neighborhood of the city. Further works and activity[ edit ] His second novel, Las piadosas The Merciful Women , [4] a Gothic fantasy set in Geneva , exploring the relationship between Lord Byron , his secretary Polidori [2] and Mary Shelley , was published in The three short stories begin in the same way and are located in similar settings of nineteenth-century Argentina. The author wrote the beginning of a text, asking the readers to continue the story, create characters, propose plots, solve riddles, to be sent by e-mail. Therefore, in an unprecedented work, reading and answering thousands of e-mails per week, Andahazi built the story with the various inputs and points of view.

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New York, New York All rights reserved. For Camie, Logan, and Hunter 7. Men of God and men of war have strange afnities. He intended to ap-propriate the new-found lands in the name of the crown ofSpain, to convert the inhabitants to Catholicism, and to plun-der the rich lands of their precious metals, namely gold. Cortsmade land at Pontonchan, a considerable native shing settle-ment, with a roguish, roughshod crew containing thirty cross-bowmen, twelve men with muzzle-loaded handguns calledharquebuses, fourteen pieces of small artillery, and a few can-nons.

Carefully, methodically, Corts and his crew used ropesand pulleys to unload sixteen Spanish horses, highly trainedand skilled warhorses of which the indigenous Americans hadno concept or understanding, having never seen them. He alsounloaded savage and well-trained war dogs, mastiffs, and wolf-hounds. In addition to his band of Spanish pirates and merce-naries, Corts brought along a few hundred West African andCuban slaves for use as porters.

It was March Corts marched his small force over massive mountainsand active volcanoes towering eighteen thousand feet high,straight into the Valley of Mexico and the very heart of theAztec civilization. Aztec was actually an eponymousderivation of the legendary Aztlan, the mythical Place of the White Heron, theancestral homeland of the people who eventually came to the Valley of Mexico andsettled there after long years of migration and founded the city of Tenochtitln TheAztecs possessed elaborate and accurate calendars, efcient ir-rigation systems for their myriad year-round crops, zoos andbotanical gardens unrivaled in Europe, immaculate city streetswith waste-management methods, astounding arts and jewelry,state-run education, sport in the form of a life-or-death ball-game, a devoted and organized military apparatus, and a vasttrade and tribute network stretching the entirety of their im-mense empire, as far south as Guatemala.

Corts and hisChristian brethren would soon discover that the Aztecs alsopossessed a highly evolved and ritualized religion much morecomplex than their own, a religion that its people followedwith equal, if not greater, faith and conviction. Instead of onegod, they zealously worshipped a pantheon of deities in elabo-rate and sophisticated ceremonies. At Tenochtitlnat the time among the most populatedand vital cities on earth, much larger than Paris or PekingCorts nally confronted Montezuma, the charismatic andenigmatic Aztec ruler.

Their rst meeting could be consideredthe birth of modern history. The conict that followed was areligious one ultimately, pitting the monotheistic Catholicismof the Spaniards against the polytheistic mysticism of theAztecs, and though in many respects the two empires werevastly different, they were actually parallel in a number of strik-ing ways.

Both were barbaric in their unique traditions. TheSpaniards, red and forged by the Crusades, would pillage andrape and kill in the name of god and country, subsuming in-in In only two centuries these agricultural and warrior people had developed aremarkable culture. The term Aztec has been widely replacedprimarily by scholarsand historianswith the term Mexica, a designation that more accurately describesthe people of the Triple Alliance of Tenochtitln, Texcoco, and Tacuba.

Conquistador will retain the popular term Aztec anduse it interchangeably with Mexica. Hehad much to ponder. His navigator and chief pilot, Antonio deAlaminos, an experienced veteran who had been pilot forColumbus on his nal voyage, had been in these watersbeforeon the Ponce de Lon expedition in search of thefabled Fountain of Youthand he suggested that if they en-countered foul weather, the entire eet should make land andconvene on the island of Cozumel, just east of the YucatnPeninsulas northernmost tip.

Since their hurried departurefrom Cuba, the eet had been buffeted by foul weather, scat-tering the boats. Corts brought up the rear, simultaneouslyscouring for land and for brigantines and caravels blown astray. A few, perhaps as many as ve, had been lost during the night,an inauspicious beginning to such an ambitious voyage. Corts had staked everything he owned on this venturein fact more than that, for he had incurred signicant debtbuilding the ships and stocking them with provisions.

His hopeto get off to a good start had been slightly compromised whenhis patron, the fat hidalgo Diego Velzquez, now governor ofCuba, attempted to thwart his departure, even after he had Velzquezs behavior was no surprise, given thecontentious nature of their relationship.

On his arrival inHispaniola the modern-day Dominican Republic in ,Corts had sought out the established countryman and workedunder him, initially on a raid to suppress an Indian uprising onthe islands interior, and later on an expedition captained byPnlo de Narvez to conquer Cuba, which they accom-plished easily enough.

After this successful venture Velzquez,feeling magnanimous, gifted Corts a large plot of land withmany Indians and a number of viable, working mines on it, ef-fectively making Corts rich. But the two men were both obsti-nate, and their relationship was soon fraught with tensions thatwould ultimately threaten prison, and even death, for Corts.

Both men shared a passion for women, and a disagreementover one Catalina Surez resulted in the governor havingCorts arrested and placed in the stocks. Corts escaped bybribing the jailor, and Velzquez had him arrested again, evenbringing a suit upon him and threatening to hang him for hisrefusal to marry Surez, a snubbing that had sullied her reputa-tion. Eventually Velzquez calmed, and the two men smoothedover their differences, but their relationship remained volatile.

At present, in mid-February , Velzquez held the politicalupper hand, for Corts sailed under his aegis, as his emissary ona mission to trade, to nd gold, and to obtain more Indians towork the mines of Cuba.

But the wily Corts had other inten-tions as he spotted land and had his pilot make anchor atCozumel. Cortss ship was the last to arrive, and on setting foot onthe island he found that the local inhabitants had ed at thearrival of the rst ships, dispersing into the hills and jungle. Corts noted their fear, ling it away as useful information. Then he was met with vexing news, and a reason for the localIndians behavior: one of his most trusted captains, Pedro deAlvarado, had arrived early, immediately raided the rst villagehe encounteredbrusquely entering temples and thievingsome small gold ornaments left there as prayer offeringsand Conquistador 9then seized a ock of about forty turkeys that were millingaround the Indians thatch-roofed houses, even taking a fewof the frightened Indians, two men and a woman, prisoner.

Corts, incensed, contemplated how to handle the situation. He needed to trust Alvarado, and he respected the ery red-headed countryman who also hailed from his homeland,Estremadura. Alvarado, already battle-hardened and havingcommanded the Recommended.


Digital Federico Andahazi El Conquistador

Read and Download Now El conquistador Ebook Description El conquistador PDF Book has good rating based on votes and 44 reviews, some of the reviews are displayed in the box below, read carefully for reference. Find other related book of "El conquistador" in the bottom area. Concibe entonces un plan para evitar la conquista y el exterminio de su pueblo. El conquistador Reviews 2 Thu, 04 Apr Poco que decir. Una vuelta bien simple de hacer con un barco y algunos colegas. Le doy dos estrellas porque realmente en la parte Europa me saco algunas sonrisas. Харесвам книги, в които се заиграват с историята и ни я представят по различен начин.


Federico Andahazi

El pueblo de Israel fue liberado de Egipto y camin hacia el desierto con una promesa, es decir, ellos salieron de la esclavitud enfocados en una visin, en un sueo, de pronto se encontraron en el punto ms cercano al cumplimiento de ese sueo y Moiss eligi un lder por tribu para reconocer aquella tierra que tenan por promesa; estos doce lderes en total fueron enviados a la tierra para saber que tal eran los frutos y la gente que la habitaba, pero cuando estos espas entraron vieron gigantes y a causa de esto dieron un mal testimonio al pueblo de Israel. Todo el pueblo perdi su sueo, estaban a punto de conquistar pero por causa del temor de diez lderes incorrectos, toda una nacin abandon este precioso sueo: pero dos de los espas se rehusaron a perder sus sueos y antes se desafiaron a alcanzarlos, dos de ellos no vieron en vano todo lo que haban hecho sino que se desafiaron a dar la milla extra con tal de ver la realizacin de sus metas: Josu y Caleb, ambos tenan el perfil del conquistador. Cules son las caractersticas que tiene un verdadero conquistador? Hay personas que en todas las ocasiones de la vida se ven como conquistadores y ven los problemas como desafos, mientras otros ven los problemas como su seor: Josu y Caleb tenan claro que Dios los iba a proteger, porque tenan actitud. Las actitudes son contagiosas, por eso debes cuidarte de la gente sin actitud, debes cuidarte de gente dbil y llena de negativismo. El pueblo de Israel estaba a la expectativa de lo que iba a suceder, estaban esperanzados en las buenas nuevas de los doce espas que haban llegado a la tierra, y estos diez espas irresponsables en vez de influir en el pueblo fortaleza lo que influyeron fue una actitud negativa y de derrota.

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