Message in details Send The heavy rains over Chennai and the possibility of a cyclonic storm this week that were predicted in a panchangam almanac has gone viral. Chennai: An image of the entry against the first day of the Tamil month of Karthigai, November 17 in a local panchangam states that Chennai will have heavy rains for a week in November and would also be battered by a cyclonic storm. This prediction has caught the attention of a number of people some of whom have been discussing this on Facebook and WhatsApp groups. According to him those who cast the almanac are experts in jyothida sastra and their predictions rely heavily on astrological references found in ancient texts. A number of corporates consult the panchangam, before entering into new deals, and parents use it to choose auspicious dates for significant events.

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Jayasree Saranathan This blog aims at bringing out the past glory and history of India, Hinduism and its forgotten values and wisdom. This is not copyrighted so as to reach genuine seekers of these information. The following picture is doing rounds among people raising fears and skepticism as well.

This is a newspaper clipping that has quoted a prediction from a popular Tamil Panchangam called Arcot Panchangam. The prediction is that there will be thunder showers on the evening of July 29th 14th day of Aadi due to Rohini joining that day. I think this alone was the prediction part of it. Those who have Arcot Panchangam may check and let me know what is exactly written. The news report had inadvertently combined 2 features that any Panchangam for this year could have written and made it a kind of sensational news.

The news report wrongly says that Mars is going to be in the same sign throughout the year. Mars will be in Scorpio for little more than 6 months and not for the whole year. Another feature is the possibility of heavy rainfall that occurs once in years. The report also says that all the rivers will be brimming with water. In my opinion a misreading of different features in the Panchangam has happened. First of all let me take up the date July 29th.

This date is indeed an important date in the month of Aadi known as Aadi KuRi. Readers may recall my blog written on January 2nd about this date. It is reproduced below. All these 4 indicate good rains in certain times of the year. At the most 3 can occur in any year.

But this year only one combination is occurring. If we know the 4 combinations, we will know what I mean by this. All these 4 are to be noticed in the Tamil month of Aadi solar month of Cancer. But this year these 3 are not occurring. Instead the 4th combination is occurring.

This combination being present at evening twilight according to one school of thought or thunder clouds being present on this date another school of thought ensures rainfall throughout the rainy season that follows. On 29th July, the day of Aadi-k-kuRi this year, waning Ekadashi is present with Rohini at the evening. This combination itself is an enough indicator for good rainfall throughout the year even if thunder clouds are not present at that time. This information on the date of aadi-k-kuRi will be noted in the page of Aadi in all Tamil Panchangas.

Based on the combination, the rainfall position will be given in the Panchangas. The relevance of Mars comes this year in Arudra Pravesha prediction and in Navanayaka prediction. I wrote the following on 25th December as follows: Read the full text here On 2 main counts Mars comes to wield influence on rainfall this year as explained above.

The rainfall will be accompanied with thunder storms and cyclones and will be destructive. So far we have seen this trend only since Chithrai month started. The Aadi-k-kuRi combination is conducive for rainfall throughout the season.

Perhaps this has been interpreted as once in 4 centuries rainfall. The Garbottam feature for 29th July does show good rains on that date in and around Chennai. Please check my blog written on Feb 3, Read here. The Garbottam chart shows that Chennai will be wet throughout July. The presence of more number of wet days in July in Chennai could perhaps increase the chances of inundation and flooding. But at that time, the planetary combination for very heavy rainfall as we witnessed in December last is not going to be present in July.

It was tabulated as above. Reproduced from that article based on the observation on 19th January:- By all means, wet July can be expected in Chennai. South West Monsoon will be active at that time. By August the planetary combinations are too conducive for very good rainfall which I wrote as follows on January 2nd The period of SW monsoon starting from 16th August is indicative of floods.

The present time first fortnight of June is the garbottam checking time for the last fortnight of December when NE Monsoon would be at its end period. Soon I will be posting the garbottam observation and corresponding rainfall chances for NE Monsoon period for November and December. Coming to the main topic of this blog, the relevance of Mars is there in some other form as Meghadhipathi and day of Arudra Pravesha that indicates rain fall from thunder showers and cyclones. This rainfall will be lopsided, raining in places where there used to be drought and avoiding places which used to get good rainfall usually.

Aadi-k-kuRi shows good rain from both the Monsoon systems. This is what rainfall astrology shows. This has no scope for the sensational element in the news report. Moreover I doubt whether we have rainfall data for 4 centuries to say that once in years rainfall would occur. Posted by.


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