Once you make your way to Eredar, the heroes realize that the city is abandoned. After exploring the ruins, the party comes across Story of Nuha, a blank book with the nymph trapped inside. Nuha tells the heroes to take her to someone who can write her story. After that, she will be free. Ean and the others must take the book to a historical writer in Thais; his house is marked by a sign with a book and quill. Leave the book with the writer, and after awhile go back to retrieve it.

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Aveyond Quick Start Walkthrough 1. Open Aveyond. From the Title screen, select New Game. After the introduction is over, you start the game in a village called Clearwater. Go to your house. Your house is to the left of the first bridge. He asks you to bring back the village healer. Leave your house and go east across the first bridge.

Then go north up the stairs. Then go west across the second bridge. Travel west until you reach the cliff, then go north until you see a cottage. Go into the house and talk to the healer. She joins your party. Go back to your dad. When you go upstairs, the healer will leave your party and talk to your dad. Your dad will ask you to talk to your mother. Go talk to your mother.

She asks you to bring her five marionbells. Leave your house and go south to the meadow. You will see some kids picking flowers. Pick four marionbells here. Go back towards the village and go into the cave.

In the cave, go north. The cave will take you to another meadow where the last marionbell is. Pick the fifth marionbell here. Go back home and give your mother the marionbells. She asks you to go to bed. Go upstairs and to bed on the left. Walk into the your bed.

This makes you sleep. Go downstairs and talk to the priestess who is standing by the fireplace. Keep talking to her until she gives you a priestess ring. Leave your house and go south to the cave.

Talk to the boy at the cave entrance and then follow him into the cave. Talk to the strange man in the cave. He captures you and takes you to a village in the east called Ghalarah. He sells you as a slave. When you wake up in your room, read the note on your desk.

This list contains the chores you have to do for the day. Leave your house and go south into the village. Find the seamstress shop and talk to the seamstress. Take the traveling clothes back to your house and give them to Mistress Rona. Before you go up there, save your game.

To do this: - Press ESC on your keyboard. This opens the main menu. After you have saved your game, go up to the attic and fight the spiders. Before you leave the attic, search each spider that you killed for goodies. Go downstairs and talk to Mistress Rona.

She asks you to find her son Lars. Leave the house and go south into the meadow. Lars and two friends are there. Talk to Lars then go back to your house and talk to Mistress Rona. Go to bed. In the morning, talk to Mistress Rona.

Once again, she asks you to find Lars. Leave the house and go south into the village. Lars is in the village tormenting a young boy. Talk to Lars. You receive a token from an emissary who sees you and Lars.

You must go to the city Veldarah. Save your game and leave the village. In the wilderness, avoid the snakes at all cost. Only fight the spiders when you have to. Go to the city Veldarah. The city is Northeast. If you get lost, look for a sign to tell you where you are. In Veldarah, go Northwest to Shadwood Academy. Go into Shadwood Academy and talk to the headmaster, Harald.

He will give you a key to your room. Go find your room in the academy and unlock the door. Open the treasure chest in your room. You will get your school uniform.

Put on your school uniform. To do this: -Press ESC. Go into the student courtyard and talk to Lorad. You must fight him to become a journeyman sword singer.

Before you fight him, go out into the jungle and fight some spiders and snakes for experience. Also, make sure to save your game before you fight him. After you fight Lorad, leave Shadwood Academy and go south into the city of Veldarah.

The junk dealer will ask you if you want to buy the ring. The priestess will appear when you are leaving the shop. In Veldarah, go northeast to the palace. In the palace, talk to the Empress. She will give you an important quest: Find seven druids and take them to a place called Aveyond. Leave the palace and go to Shadwood Academy. Find Lars and talk to him. He will join your party. Go to the entrance of Veldarah. You will see the priestess. Talk with her. She joins the party.

Leave Veldarah and go west. In the jungle, go northwest until you reach the overworld. If you get lost, look for signs to read. In the overworld, go north and have the boatman take you to the Northern isle. In the Northern Isle, go northeast until you see a cave not the cave with the minor in it. The cave takes you to Aveyond. In Aveyond, go east. After you pass Teacup town, go north to the temple.


Aveyond Walkthrough & Cheats

You will find Talia waiting for you. Talk to her and take her in your friend party, and set off for the wilderness. Follow the white path in the eastern isle map to find the exit to the world map. As soon as you are on the world map, walk down by around paces and take a right turn.


Aveyond 2 Ean's Quest

Each transfigurine will allow Ean to change into that creature and take on its magical abilities. What is the Magic Express? You must activate a switch at the destination before you can go there, which means you can only use it to return to places you have already visited. Goodies: Weapon stash - Spire Mountains - From the place you enter observe cliff side and 3 trees above you. Inspect cliff side near the top tree. Armor stash - Woodlands - From Ryva follow the river left, fighting 2 chickens, and inspect cliff side on the lower left corner of the map.


Aveyond Tips Walkthrough

Aveyond Quick Start Walkthrough 1. Open Aveyond. From the Title screen, select New Game. After the introduction is over, you start the game in a village called Clearwater. Go to your house.

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