French PRO pts in category: On some models, may be sent after three failed login attempts. Baguier Virtuel Will not be returned if the contact sensor is internal to the ePDU, in that case only contactState should be read. Number of outlets on this ePDU. An entry for an input power measurement.

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The physical type of outlet. Its value ranges from 1 to contactCount. A list of units that have controllable outlets. Sent whenever the strapping communication status changes. Once the command is issued, the outlet will turn Off immediately. Baguier Virtuel Handlenses are also used for biology and other earth sciences.

Value indicates what is being measured in this table row. You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. Object ID of a parent object. Number of outlets on this ePDU. An entry for a particular child. Its value ranges from 1 to inputCurrentCount. If an option is not listed, then the ePDU likely does not support that notification.

You will also have access to many other tools and opportunities designed for those who have language-related jobs or are passionate about them. A group current measurement value. Sent whenever a contact sensor state changes.

Participation is free and the site has a strict confidentiality policy. Baguier Virtuel A unique value for each humidity probe measurement. Vote Promote or demote ideas. Timestamp of when group Watt-hours groupWh was last reset.

If strapping is enabled, the strapping indexes of the units that can be accessed will be listed in the unitsPresent object. Functionality is as follows: Status of the viruel group current relative to the configured thresholds. Which input wire is being measured in this table row — single phase, neutral, phase 1, phase 2, or phase 3. Set to -1 to exclude this outlet from Global Sequence Bqguier commands. A list of input power measurements.

Its value ranges from 1 to humidityCount. The type of the parent. Timestamp of when input Watt-hours inputWh was last reset. Status baaguier the measured temperature relative to the configured thresholds. An input current measurement value. Once the command is issued, the outlets in the group will turn On immediately. Groups include breakers, outlet sections, and user-defined groups. A descriptive name for the contact sensor. An entry for a temperature measurement.

Time in seconds until the outlet Sequence Off command is issued These notifications will be supported depending on the features of the ePDU.

A unique value for each input. Cancel a pending outlet Reboot command When read, returns -1 if no command is pending, or the current downcount in seconds of a pending command. For example, this table will link to all of the groups that have this outlet as a child. A group VAR value. The number of entries is given by inputVoltageCount. Communications interface used to log into the PDU. Its value ranges from 1 to inputVoltageCount.

An entry for an input power measurement. Pourquoi ne pas avoir soumis ce terme au singulier? Related Posts


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