Respecto de las novelas independientes, las primeras muestran ya a un gran novelista. A partir de escribe los Episodios Nacionales, lo que le deja poco espacio para novelas independientes. La batalla da comienzo en 21 de Octubre de , en el cabo de Trafalgar. Gabriel es salvado por los tripulantes de una balandra. Por ello toma nota de los aspectos que le interesan. Utiliza descripciones minuciosas, que dan cuenta del entorno en que se desenvuelven los personajes y todo lo referente a ellos mismos.

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Start your review of Trafalgar Write a review Shelves: century , britain , france , spain , historical-fiction , fiction-spanish , , galdos This year I am engaging in a project that I hope to complete in five years. These are divided into five series; the first four are made up of ten novels and the last one of the remaining six. My goal is to read a series a year.

His most famous This year I am engaging in a project that I hope to complete in five years. He also wrote for the theatre and for the press; but his magnum opus is, of course, this series of historical contemporary? It seems that originally he planned to write only two series, and this is apparently confirmed by his taking leave of his reader at the end of the twentieth episode. He wrote these first two sets from to , and they deal with the period from to Given the great success, he resumed them in and finished the complete set in His protracted story finishes around A couple of elements struck me in this novel.

This was, in , the largest armed ship in the world. And then I realized that a boat that I had seen moored in the port of Alicante where I spend a few days in the summer--and which is used for touristy activities, such as shops and restaurants, but which I had not bothered to visit--, is a exact replica of this legendary boat. It makes me sad to think how tourism transforms a monument to ingenuity and to tragedy into something banal.

For him nations are like islands — unconnected units amongst which he first feels that his own stands out. He is at one stage full of patriotic feelings and pride obviously before the disaster, as they set out to sea. The whole war scene and its sense change entirely for young Gabriel.

Death of Nelson, by Benjamin West, Godoy, by Goya, Several of the historical heroes sail through these pages. The most outstanding are: Nelson himself, and his death is described with great respect and sorrow in these pages; the brave Collingwood; and a couple of the Spaniards. Churruca is presented in the early pages predicting the disaster of the battle; his disagreement with the strategy devised by the commanding French Admiral Villeneuve is given full vent; and his conviction of the utter futility that the alliance with France would be for Spain will find echoes in the rest of the Episodes.


Episodios nacionales






Trafalgar, (English Edition) by Benito Galdós and Benito Galdos (2015, Paperback)



Trafalgar, de Benito Pérez Galdós. Episodio nacional nº1


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