Krahn learned to read at the age of four, and began making up her own stories when she was only six. In fifth grade she won a silver "Noble Order of Bookworms" pin for her achievements in reading, and the following year she began writing down her stories. After college, Krahn taught science in Newark, and studied for a graduate degree at Ohio State in the summers. It was during those summers that she met her future husband, physics graduate student Donald Krahn. In , she gave birth to her first child, Nathan, with the second son Zebulun arriving in

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A brilliant start to an engaging new trilogy. Quick wit, bright humor, and a cast of vivid characters result in a refreshing romance that is vintage Krahn. Wealthy Daisy Bumgarten has been shunned by New York high society for her new money and brazen, uncouth ways.

She travels to London for a fresh start, planning to marry a nobleman and pave the way for her three younger sisters to do the same. She has hopes of landing Arthur Graham, the Duke of Meridian, but her plans are thwarted when his younger brother, Ashton, an impoverished scoundrel, agrees to assist his conniving relatives by seducing Daisy and discrediting her claims of having noble English ancestry.

Full of wit, deceit, manipulation, and a throughly entertaining mix of American and English cultural references, this amusing romance has set the bar high for the sequels. She needs the cachet of marriage to an English peer to launch her three younger sisters into society. Her plan to attract the Duke of Meridian is going well when his younger brother, Lord Ashton Graham interferes.

Together, they set out to track down birth records. Both find their hearts overruling their sensible plans, and watching them struggle to find their way is a pleasure. With vivid historical details, a lively supporting cast and plenty of sexual heat, readers are certain to impatiently await the next title in the series.

Lois Dyer writes from her home in Port Orchard, Washington.


Betina Krahn






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