Arahn Help! Works for both, built-in and breezingforms. Ease of use I am a newbie, I still can figure out how to use this extension. Posted on 15 May Five stars out of five possible. Select the separator field from the list either Semicolon or Comma You can see this in the spread sheet separating the field data or as mentioned in configuration file option as above in the first option.

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Use the editor helper to create shortcodes with more options. Click Install Now button. Once it is complete, activate the plugin. After installation, I always get the configuration screen.

How can I get past it? Please make sure the file and folder permissions are set correctly. What to do? This is most likely a permission issue. Please make sure to apply the appropriate rights to your files and folders. Please revert the permissions once you are sure that this was the reason. What did I do wrong? Most likely nothing. The default PHP email system often causes trouble. Usually, SMTP works best.

Also make sure you enter the SMTP login and server data correctly if required by the server and that you give a proper Mailfrom address. Also make sure that email notifications are enabled in your form. What else can I do? Open BreezingForms again and see if you can get past the setup this time. The FTP can help fixing permission issues.

Where do I find uploaded files? You can change the upload folder in the main configuration or for each upload element in its advanced configuration. Where do I put a form theme? After that, the theme will be available from the theme selection in the form editor. I want to edit the appearance of the PDF. How can I do that? One template is for record exports, the other for attachments.


Breezing Forms

I paid the money and did not get any help from the developers. We are proud to announce the release of Breezing Commerce, a professional eCommerce and shopping cart for Joomla! Get it from here. Mobile Form Demo The admin ui feels like home in WordPress and helps you to keep track of your form structure. Hello Mike, To save, in the backend: Ease of use Some elements, like radio buttons, would be easier to configure with separate form fields instead of semi colon separated expressions.



Mumuro Posted on 21 February In the form field settings you may choose a category starting node to limit the catego Outstanding software with outstanding support responsiveness. Data collection and extraction with Crosstec ContentBuilder. By that, your website users will be able to choose the category under where the article should be stored. More advanced things like altering the code can often be found in the forums. Functionality Does its job straight out of the box and is relatively easy to modify if needed.

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