Breton attended medical school, where he developed a particular interest in mental illness. The couple relocated to rue Fontaine No. He was an atheist. Anxious to combine the themes of personal transformation found in the works of Arthur Rimbaud with the politics of Karl Marx , Breton joined the French Communist Party in , from which he was expelled in

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Originally published in in France, Les Vases communicants is an effort to show how the discoveries and techniques of surrealism could lead to recovery from despondency. This English translation makes available "the theories upon which the whole edifice of surrealism, as Breton conceived it, is based. His involvement with political thought and action led him to write about the relations between nations and individuals in a mode that moves from the quotidian to the lyrical.

His dreams triggered a curious correspondence with Freud, available only in this book. As Caws writes, "The whole history of surrealism is here, in these pages. The information will make anyone to understand the condition of the world.

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Communicating Vessels


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André Breton



Communicating Vessels (French Modernist Library) by André Breton




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