A diferencia de la serie ATY que utiliza un ventilador variable accionado por un solenoide y es controlado por el ECM de motor. La serie FDB utiliza un ventilador accionado por un motor hidrulico. Una bomba de pistones de desplazamiento variable suministra flujo a este motor hidrulico que despus de accionar este; pasa al enfriador de aceite y direccin para finalmente retornar al tanque de direccin. En el caso del convertidor se han agregado discos y platos al embrague de traba lock-up.

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Jujind A solenoidis anelectricalcomponentthatis activatedbyelectricity. Steering System A twin double-acting cylinder steering system camoin designed to deliver precise control under all loading and underfoot conditions. Ease cxmion Operation HARC increases operating ease, resulting in greater operator confidence with less fatigue.

Product Safety Caterpillar has been and continues to be proactive in developing mining machines that meet or exceed safety standards. Selection of the right body depends on material and haul road conditions. Differential Action Normal differential action provides superior maneuvering and control in slippery conditions. Cat D Mining Truck Caterpillar High Altitude Arrangement Developed for high altitude applications, the B short stroke engine delivers enhanced power management at higher altitudes — from to m 9, to 12, ft.

Hydraulic Power Management System The system, also known as common rail hydraulics, reduces parasitic unused, wasted losses in the power management system components and the new hydraulic fan drive system.

We are always happy to assist you. Caterpillar four-wheel, forced oil-cooled, multiple disc service brakes are continuously cooled by water-to-oil heat exchangers for exceptional, non-fade braking and retarding performance. From the time you select a piece of Cat equipment until the day you rebuild, trade or sell it, the support you get from your Cat dealer makes the difference that counts.

Cat dealers will provide the level of support you need, on a global scale. The left side mirror mounting bracket is more robust and allows mirror glass to be easily replaced, without the need for a new mirror assembly.

Altitude Compensation Designed for maximum operating efficiencies at altitudes under m 9, ft. By reducing the losses, the system is minreo to provide more horsepower to the ground.

Advanced Diagnostics VIMS system simplifies troubleshooting, reduces downtime and lowers operating costs by identifying abnormal conditions before they cause extensive damage. D Mining Truck Off-Highway Trucks WesTrac Quickly releases and re-engages to reduce power train torque loads for camin shifting, long life and a more comfortable ride.

Cast rear wheels and Cat center-mount rims are mounted using studs and nuts to minimize maintenance and maximize durability. Support goes far beyond parts and service. The Cat mechanical drive power train and power shift transmission provides unmatched operating efficiency and control on steep grades, in poor underfoot conditions, and on haul roads with high rolling resistance. Full-size, fully padded trainer seat features a backrest, wide hip and shoulder room, and seat belt for secure travel.

Canon Minero en El Peru 2. A wide, stationary stairway allows easy access to and from the machine. These products include radio data communications, machine monitoring and diagnostics, fleet management, and haul road maintenance software — all designed to improve fleet efficiency, increase productivity, and lower costs.

Designed for excellent all-around visibility and clear sight lines to the haul road, the large viewing area enables the operator to maneuver with confidence for high productivity. Caterpillar csmion been and continues to be proactive in developing mining machines that meet or exceed safety standards. Camion Minero D A switchthatwillcloseataspecifiedpoint temp, press, etc. Data Access Monitoring and diagnostic information is stored on-board until it can be downloaded for analysis.

Target Payload Strategy Your Caterpillar Dealer can help you manage to target payload to maximize equipment utilization, ensure safe operation, increase productivity and lower cost-per-ton. Sideboards are designed to maximize or attain gross machine weight. Harnesses are braided for protection. Hydraulic steering control system is designed for exceptional smoothness and precise control. Optional oil renewal system extends engine oil change intervals from hours to 4, hours or more to increase machine availability and reduces costs.

The D Mining Truck is available in five merchandising arrangements: Brakes are completely enclosed and sealed to prevent contamination and reduce maintenance. The VIMS system continuously checks all critical machine functions and components, and helps locate faults quickly for faster repair.

The Cat six-speed planetary power shift transmission is matched with the direct-injection B HD diesel engine to deliver constant power over a wide range of operating speeds. Underloading increases costs due to lost payloads, underutilizes equipment, and drives cost-per-ton. Conveniently located gauge cluster maintains a constant display of vital machine functions, including: Please download to get full document.

The computerized system senses mniero conditions and power requirements and adjusts engine for peak performance and most efficient operation and at all times. Brake Systems Four caion oil-cooled braking system provides excellent control in slippery conditions. More power at the wheels reduces cycle times and caimon cost-per-ton.

The secondary piston is spring-applied and held in the disengaged position by hydraulic pressure. Less time spent on maintenance means more time on the haul roads. The B is a cylinder, four-stroke design that uses long, effective power strokes for more complete fuel combustion and optimum efficiency. Corrosion resistant, stainless steel top ring reduces ring, groove and liner wear for greater reliability and longer life. Wear plates deliver long life in high wear areas. Enhanced Life High displacement, low rpm rating and conservative horsepower ratings mean vamion time on the haul roads and less time in the shop.

Five configurations are performance matched to meet specific applications and conditions. The system continues to allow priority for the steering system while using an improved power management scheme for brake cooling and RAX functions.

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Diferencias Entre Los Camiones 793C Y 793D

Vokree Resiliently mounted to the main frame to reduce vibration and sound, the integral ROPS structure is designed as an extension of the truck frame. Enhanced mineero and hour service intervals are designed to increase machine availability and productivity. Caterpillar offers three specific body styles and custom body options to help customers obtain the lowest cost-per-ton hauling solution. Minerk activates HARC when engine speed exceeds factory preset levels, regardless of operator inputs, to avoid potentially damaging engine overspeeds.


Camion Cat 793d


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