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I am using forms authentication to protect all content as described in the kb article below. This is a w2k3 server with SP1 and all security patches installed. Has anyone seen this before? I have been reading various posts online but none seem to fit this symptom. Also have tried tuning various meta-base properties to no avail. I will be adding e-commerce functionality shortly.

Therefore, I am seeking an approach to allow users to select a language to view the entire site with. I have ASP Classic at my disposal. The site has no back-end database. I am thinking of providing Japanese, German and Spanish.

I am aware that different approaches exist. I good book or tutorial would help me out. Or do some of you have ideas? Remember: static pages, ASP Classic and no database. What I would like to know is whether it is possible to include some DHTML in my static pages for gathering comments on blog entries, which are saved to a database for example on 1asphost.

Of course it would also be nice to read out the database again to see the comments to each blog entry in the static pages. Can this all be done using ASP? I have ASP execute access on the server. My users publish their pages onto our webserver by copying their files onto their respective directories in the server. When a user browses a particular page on the server, the web server will need to read this information the meta tags from the requested HTML file, and append an "Author block" at the bottom which contains some of the meta-information, as well as determining the Created Date and Last Edited date from the HTML file itself from the filesystem.

How can I do this? ASP files because this gives my authors too much power not to mention most are computer illiterate. Specifically, a set of four pages reused many times with the content identified via query strings max 3 variables.

I was under the impression that google no longer has a problem with urls appended with query strings. Does anyone know if it is possible to incur penalties for the "over use" of such pages? My product detail page for example is used to display seperate products. Could anyone suggest a suitable method or advise possible reasons for my google disaster?

Now I have created an asp page even though there is no dynamic content at the moment. I then disabled the "friendly http errors" and got this information. Anyone who knows what I can try to get IIS working with dynamic content too? This is on a Windows Server. We have other websites where we use the exact same code and these do not save files on the server when they are displayed.

Execute SQL.


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