Darisar Permalink Oct 22, This would vastly improve performance and flexibility. Failed to create temporary file for jnidispatch library: The source code associated with the warning will appear in the pane below the warning list. Specifically on Travis CI, it currently only works on our Xcode 6. I also want this functionality. And of course it helps keeping quality high for the better maintained parts.

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To specify the language key: Add "sonar. Configure the source file suffixes for the other language plug-ins to avoid conflicts. Note: The "sonar. The prefix value will be removed from the "File path" value on the Coverity Connect issue.

If sonar. The Coverity widget is available with SonarQube versions before version 6. The Coverity logo and the Coverity Project are both clickable links that take you to the Coverity Connect instance. There, you can view the Coverity project that contributes data to your Sonar project. The Outstanding Issues count is the number of outstanding Coverity issues found in the most recent scan. The Coverity widget is no longer supported as of SonarQube v6.

The metrics that were displayed by the widget are shown in SonarQube under Measures. The certificates should be imported to the java key chain where Sonar Scanner is running from. Sonar Scanner provides its own jre bundle as part of Sonar Scanner. This means that if a user installed java locally, the certificates need to be imported to the jre which is bundled with Sonar Scanner. Cannot modify data in Coverity Connect such as triage.

Data from Coverity Connect is read-only in Sonar. Does not distinguish between Quality, Test Advisor, and Security issues. Interacts with Coverity Connect only through web services, meaning the plug-in will not interact with build or analysis, and source code is separately maintained between Coverity Connect and Sonar. No parsing of source code — the plug-in is language agnostic. No creation of related Coverity Connect projects in Sonar. The file paths must match exactly in Sonar and Coverity Connect; otherwise issue data will not be imported.

There are no immediate plans for localization to languages other than English. Support If you have any questions or issues with the Coverity plugin, contact coverity-support synopsys.

SQP "sonar. SQP 1. BZ 1. BZ SonarQube Coverity plugin creates the Sonarqube issue with similar description, compared to the defect description displayed in the Coverity Connect. BZ Added logging to console on the progress of retrieving Coverity defects from Coverity Connect. BZ The SonarQube Coverity plugin now uses the prefix to match the file location in the Windows operating system.

BZ Updated to support SonarQube version 5. If none of the rules match, then it will create a general "Parse Warnings" rule so that there are corresponding SonarQube issues. Fixed issue of Dismissed defects being counted.

Coverity Metrics are set to have integer values so other plugins can use our information for statistics and other computations. More rules definitions for all supported languages. Fixed bug of Coverity defects with no main event not being counted.


Static Code Analysis using Synopsis Coverity

Coverity There are an number of checker additions and updated language support. Added macOS NET Core 2. Supported Versions Versions 8. The current supported versions are:


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