Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities. Both editions of the book contain the same information but a Wizards of the Coast logo is included in latter. There are various types of new dragons and dragon-related creatures, along with sample statistics blocks for dragons of all the chromatic and metallic varieties of all ages. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Average Rating 1 rating Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons describes several varieties of dragons, including gold, silver, copper, iron, and adamantine dragons. Story and campaign elements in the book give Dungeon Masters ready-to-play material that is easily incorporated into a game, including adventure hooks, quests, encounters, and pregenerated treasure hoards.

It was published in November Continuing the Monster Splatbooks. Like its predecessors, it mixes the fluff of dragon background with crunchy stats for new dragons and also contains lots of adventures, encounters, and lairs.

Expanding the Dragons. Instead metallic dragons could be neutral. There were no metallic dragons in the Monster Manual Instead, GMs had to wait for the Monster Manual 2 , and upon its release they found an odd set of dragons. Three classics were there — the copper, gold, and silver — but the brass and bronze dragons were missing, replaced by two interlopers: the adamantine and iron dragons.

The "good" dragons were also changed in another way: they were now all listed as being "Unaligned". Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons appeared exactly half-a-year after Monster Manual 2. It better explained the changes, saying that "Not all metallic dragons are good". Metallic Dragons also introduces seven new dragons. Though some of these dragons had appeared in some forms before, every single one of them was notably revamped from its previous appearances.

A cobalt dragon had first appeared in Dragon June as one of a new grouping of five dragons called the ferrous dragons or the heavy metal dragons. The group had been popular, reappearing in Dragon The mithral dragon was most obviously a totally new entity, because the sole appearance of a dragon in this metal before had been in SJR4: "Practical Planetology" , which described a dragon related to a specific planet in the Spelljammer universe.

In fact, when the Metallic Dragon designers created their own mithral dragon, they were thinking more about the radiant dragon, also from Spelljammer The orium dragon was totally new. NPCs of Note. As with the previous monster splatbooks, this one details a few famous creatures.

He was found in Dragon January Silvara, a silver dragon, may be the most famous good dragon. She plays a very prominent role in DL7: "Dragons of Light" Valamaradace, a good dragon who is also the Dragon Queen of Silverymoon, is mentioned occasionally in Forgotten Realms lore. She made her first actual appearance in Dragon Magazine March , which was near the end of the run of the "Wyrms of the North" series.

Other NPCs such as the brass dragon Andraemos and the cobalt dragon Niflung are new to this sourcebook. About the Creators. Please feel free to mail corrections, comments, and additions to shannon. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased.


Draconomicon 2: Metallic Dragons: A 4th Edition D&D Supplement



Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons




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