Reviews v control panel with enclosure for 1 to 2 operators for swing gates Digital control board V ac with box G for 1 or 2 operators swing gates. It is complete with anti-crushing safety device, integrated Mhz radio receiver, speed adjustment during normal cycle and slow down in opening and closing, force adjustment up to 70 levels separate in open and close and for the two motors. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us by phone. Personalized or other customized products cannot be returned for refund or exchange under any circumstances, unless stated otherwise at time of purchase. We are open Monday - Friday, excluding bank holidays.

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See Declaration of Incorpo- ration. WARNING Using this product under unusual conditions not foreseen by the manufacturer can create situations of danger, and for this reason all the conditions prescribed in these instructions must be respected.

All automated mo- dels involve the use of advanced control units NET series equipped with anti-crushing sensor, built-in MHz radio receiver, speed control and slow down in opening and closing.

REV is composed of a mechanical gear motor which rotates the driving gear; This gear, coupled to the rack properly installed on the gate, converts the circular motion of the gear motor into rectilinear motion thus allowing the movement of the gate on its own guide. Transport REV is always delivered packed in boxes that provide adequate protection to the product, however, pay attention to all informa- tion that may be provided on the same box for storage and handling.

The reverse process, turn the lever until it stops and closing of the lock remember to protect the lock with the proper cover , keeps REV in working condition.

DEA System provides two limit switches cams Fig. Connect the cable of the magnetic sensor which is colored Page 5: For 24v Models 5.

WARNING To ensure an appropriate level of electrical safety always keep the V power supply cables apart minimum 4mm in the open or 1 mm through insulation from low voltage cables motors power supply, controls, electric locks, aerial and auxiliary circuits power supply , and fasten the latter with appropriate clamps near the terminal boards.

Operator 1 output Connection of motors metallic parts Operator 2 output if present Page 7: Electrical Connections For v Models 24 5. Visualisation of inputs and operations-counter status 1. Press the key for 15 seconds; 2. Hold down the key to display a cyclic 3 options, or release the button to exit the parameter. Selection type of operators 1. Scroll down the parameters with and keys until you vi Page 10 Selection of direction of motion 1.

Scroll down the parameters with and keys until you visualise P; 2. Access the parameter by pressing the key; 3. Confirm your choice by pressing the key di- splay returns again to P Page 11 9. Confirm by pressing on the key; 3. Memorize all necessary transmitters repeat- ing this procedure from step 3; 6. Deletion of memorized transmitters 1.

Scroll down the parameters until you visualize P; 2. All memorized transmitters have been deleted display shows again P Page 13 3.

Scroll through the parameters with the buttons and until the display shows P; 2. Access the parameter by pressing the button 3. The display shows alternately the writing to indicate that the control board is waiting for the transmission of the unlocking code; 4. Within 10 sec. Access to programming is unlocked. This procedure involves the loss of all stored settings.

DEA System reminds that all installation, maintenance, cleaning or repair operations on any part of the system must be performed exclusively by qualified personnel who must be responsible of all texts requie by the eventual risk; 9. For this reason, always use only the parts indicated by DEA System and scrupulously follow all assembly instructions.

The knowledge of the unlocking operation is very important, because in times of emergency the lack of timeliness in acting on such a device can be dangerous. Check all connections, fuses, and the


Notice DEA Bordeaux

By Jonathan Fairfield Started December Wheel drive motors are suitable for use on long gates on hard surfaces. Gate Kits Above Ground Automation. Our sliding gate motors encompass safety, reliability and ease of control in one package. They sent a commercial invoice for 7, Baht with instructions that I could pay by bank transfer with next-day rg or we could go to their head office in Bangkok to pay cash and collect.


DEA - Carte électronique 202RR - Ref 677171



Art. 202RR/C Arm.cde 230V avec récepteur





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