He was the leading figure in a national literary movement that replaced the observance of Victorian notions of propriety with the unflinching presentation of real-life subject matter. Among other themes, his novels explore the new social problems that had arisen in a rapidly industrializing America. Life Dreiser was the ninth of 10 surviving children in a family whose perennial poverty forced frequent moves between small Indiana towns and Chicago in search of a lower cost of living. His father, a German immigrant, was a mostly unemployed millworker who subscribed to a stern and narrow Roman Catholicism. He began a career as a newspaper reporter in Chicago in and worked his way to the East Coast. While writing for a Pittsburgh newspaper in , he read works by the scientists T.

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It feels like this to me. Still, these promises felt false here. Not every hero gets to see those new beginnings and it irks me. I would have preferred Aileen to live and get the new beginnings, not this empty-headed girl. And Frank? His life gets demolished in the end.

The world could have done a lot better with wisely improved Frank than with a yet another idealistic Berenice. A partial reread for maybe the th time. I hate this volume passionaltely. I love it and it still irritates me to no end. Q: More terrifying, however, was the thought which came to her occasionally as to whether she had really loved Eugene at all or not.

Was this not a passing fancy? Had there not been some chemistry of the blood, causing her to make a fool of herself, without having any real basis in intellectual rapprochement. Was Eugene truly the one man with whom she could have been happy? Was he not too adoring, too headstrong, too foolish and mistaken in his calculations? Was he the able person she had really fancied him to be? Would she not have come to dislike him—to hate him even—in a short space of time?

Could they have been truly, permanently happy? Would she not be more interested in one who was sharp, defiant, indifferent—one whom she could be compelled to adore and fight for rather than one who was constantly adoring her and needing her sympathy? A strong, solid, courageous man—was not such a one her ideal, after all? And could Eugene be said to be that?

These and other questions tormented her constantly. It is strange, but life is constantly presenting these pathetic paradoxes—these astounding blunders which temperament and blood moods bring about and reason and circumstance and convention condemn. The dreams of man are one thing—his capacity to realize them another. But, oh, the endless failures for one success. Then, quite accidentally, or seemingly so, she had come upon a little volume known as the Bhagavad-Gita She thought of Cowperwood and the part she had played in his life.

How long he had struggled and fought—for what? Wealth, power, luxury, influence, social position? Where were they now, the aspirations and dreams of achievement that so haunted and drove Frank Cowperwood?

And how far away from all this she had moved in so short a time! How suddenly she was awakened to the grim realities of life from her own protected, abundant and indulged way of living—a way of living she might never have been able to evaluate to herself if she had not in the first place acted upon the impulse to go to a strange country like India, where she had at every turn contrasts thrust upon her sensibilities—contrasts from which there was no escape.

There, for the first time, she had experienced the dawn of a spiritual awakening, which was even now enabling her to see more clearly.

She must go on, she must grow, she thought, and acquire, if possible, a real and deep understanding of the meaning of life and its spiritual import.


Theodore Dreiser Quotes

Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Unlike Berenice, Frank does not seek the God — he denies it. Mar 23, Gina rated it liked it Shelves: Original hardcover with original dustjacket in protective Mylar. Jeta e Kauperudit eshte sa e shkelqyer aq dhe e mjere. Po jap mendimet e tere trilogjise ne kete review. Wealth, power, luxury, influence, social position? Frank Cowperwood sees something more than just a mistress, wife and friend in a dreise, cool-headed, enough tough-minded girl.


Theodore Dreiser

Her family disowned her for converting to Roman Catholicism in order to marry John Dreiser. Theodore was the twelfth of thirteen children the ninth of the ten surviving. Paul Dresser — was one of his older brothers; Paul changed the spelling of his name as he became a popular songwriter. They were raised as Catholics.

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