Cad y snob[ editar ] Universitaria con la capa roja y la mortar board o square. Sin duda, la invitada de honor, precedida del bedell, con toga negra y square, portando la mace, en Cambridge. No podemos decir lo que es [ Ciertamente, matiza el ejemplo expuesto por Ernest A. Este personaje se convierte en el Libro de los esnobs p. Estas alusiones a personajes anteriores son bastante complejas.

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Thackeray may not have invented the word snob, but the idea of an upwardly mobile mercantile middle class desperate to appear better born than they had been was still quite new in the 19th century. For a satirist, it was easy pickings. The problem with giving a book a title like The Book of Snobs is that it sets readers expectations unreasonably high. This was mildly amusing, not often laugh out-loud funny. I can think of quite a few modern politicians who would have featured under pseudonyms if Thackeray had been writing now.

Some of the chapters are just snippy: the club or office? Is there any country whose tourists do not shame them? The surprise was how often the chapters were extraordinarily sad.

Thackeray shows the poverty that was the reality of many people, and their desperate attempts to maintain face. There is the husband showing off expensively to his acquaintances, while his wife and children starve and freeze at home.

There is the miserable husband falling further into debt, while his wife spends his money on frippery to impress the neighbours. There is the stress endured by people falling into penury with nothing but crime, gin and gambling to comfort them.

Thackeray worked himself up into quite a froth at some of this, not least at the silly rules of society and government that get people into debt in the first place.

The real service he performed for us was to show both sides of society: the public face and the daily reality. Literature I mean you, Miss Austen , generally, does that poorly.

Think how many flamboyant movies would be ruined if the directors understood that nobody used those grand entrances except on rare occasions. But these stairs are made in great houses for people not to ascend.

The first Lady Carabas they are but eighty years in the peerage , if she got out of her gilt coach in a shower, would be wet to the skin before she got half-way to the carved Ionic portico, where four dreary statues of Peace, Plenty, Piety and Patriotism, are the only sentinels. You enter these palaces by back-doors.


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