This chart, among other things, will tell what can be transmitted and received by the MIDI device. Answer questions, earn points and help others Answer questions. Add Your Answer Tips for a great answer: I can sent it by email. This is with nothing plugged into the system at all. Not finding what you are looking for? You amnual access the power cable to the main board by removing the bottom access panel.

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Shakagal Xboard 49Xboard Latched notes can be useful to trigger loops or repeating rhythmic patterns without having to hold the key. Double-click on this manula and then click on Driver.

Note that banks or patches which are loaded into Xboard Control from disk files will be immediately downloaded to the Xboard and will overwrite patches which are stored there. Is E-ku default mode? This button is used to select one of the 16 user patches in memory. Double-click the E-MU icon on your desktop. If you have experienced a fault in any audio application, you should reboot Windows before applying this update. The LED on the transpose button remains lit to remind you that the keyboard is transposed.

This is kind of like sliding the keyboard up or down an octave, which is useful for reaching zones outside the current keyboard range. When Zones are enabled, the LED illuminates. Zones Settings E-MU Xboard Control As you can see in the illustration below, Zones 1 and manuql have been set up so they have the same velocity range, but occupy different areas of the keyboard.

To install the Application, Driver and Firmware:. Click on Update Driver. You can now re-plug your Xboard into different Mmanual ports without having to re-install drivers. In order to use all xboarr features of this software, you must update to the latest firmware version. Sweep through all possible values without pressing harder either direction than you normally would. For the Xboard 61, this serves the exact same function as the Zones Enable button. For example, if Pedal is set to Sus, it will remain so for all patches.

Insert the Xboard installation CD. Page 43 Turns all zones on or off in the active patch. Page 40 If on, when you select a new patch, the Edit LED display shows a message indicating whether zones enabled or disabled in the new patch. The current value is reflected in the display.

As you adjust, the display shows raw control val- ues, reverting to the name of the control you are adjusting. If the vendor shown here is E-MU Systems, you have run into a different- problem, and you should contact Technical Support. Change the order of patches xhoard the Up or Down buttons The default setting is for a footswitch.

For each of the four Zones, you can see a graphical representation of the keyboard and velocity ranges. Latch Mode, Xboaard Enabled Shot and completely change the sound by sending the stored controller messages. It does not cause a MIDI message to be sent immediately. E-Mu Xboard 25 Review Manual 2 pages. Once you enter a value, the display stops scrolling. See page 29, for detailed information about Latch mode. End of Service Life. E-MU Xboard Control As you can see in the illustration below, Zones 1 and 2 have been set up so they have the same velocity range, but occupy different areas of the keyboard.

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