I think the theme of this storie is to never give up hope even when you think it is imposible. Thanks for telling us about the problem. None of it makes sense. Sometimes I am reading and all of a sudden it jumps to something else with out and reason why. Efec rex 4 — the three furies Author Kaza Kingsley Pages The book takes place much in alypium, a magic city with a golden dome that keeps the weathere perfect.

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His new-found knowledge in the last book gives way to a secret held by two of his siblings. Erec collects the Awen with the help of his friends, but the Twyth Boar is a trickier matter. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

Except maybe being teased by two siblings. A puff duries smoke shot from his finger, and. Jun 21, Laurel Fischback added it. She has been taken by Baskania. I wanted to let you know where I was in case anything happened. This page was last edited on 8 Decemberat I devote one whole star to Oscar. This is a bit of a doorstopper, but once I started reading, I never noticed the length except to get to bed far too late because I was too invested in finishing.

Just looking at him makes Erec tremble. I liked it so much I finished it in a day. Danny watched him a moment, trembling. He could just keep that all to himself. Part of Erec wanted things to be just like they were, when they were only good friends. Dec 19, Michelle rated it really liked it. He has read multiple times!!

Piter reveals that if Erec found out, the castle would collapse, which it promptly does. He sat next to her and stared at the paper. Erec has also received his seventh task which is just as etec as the last. Once he realized that he went back to Alympium to save her. I would recommend this book to my friends it is very interesting and keeps your attention through out the whole story. Also one other thing that I liked was that Erec Rex was learning to do magic and then he could do some cool things with the magic and I hope they keep it up reex the next book.

His family will endure this adventure with him. Readers tree not have a clue as to what will happen with Erec. In fact, Tina, his secret admirer, is a hydra herself. Erec Rex working through quests to become king, with fantastic creatures to help him is a fun read! Or, more like, the right things to make him furious. And sorry for not writing back sooner.

The Three Furies Erec Rex Symbols covered the page, and they seemed sloppily drawn in a purplish mess, as if someone actually had dipped a stick into a pie and wrote with it. Someone probably used this paper instead of a napkin. B askania pointed at her slowly, eyes narrowing. ErecI hope you are okay. While searching for them, he enters contests to choose the next three rulers of Alypium. With the help of an ancestor of his own, and using what he has ghe, Erec saves the day, though in the process discovers two dangerous secrets.

This book is so great! Sammy walked over, swinging her backpack around before dropping it on a chair. The author has created an interesting Harry Potter-esque world with a villain that is mildly frightening and certainly mysterious. When she is not off exploring, she can be found in Cincinnati with her loving family A red ball shattered another window. Hope to meet you on my tours!

Another task, even more dangerous than the previous ones, befalls Erec in the fourth book in the series. TOP Related Articles.


The Three Furies (Erec Rex Series #4)

His best friend, and secret crush, Bethany, has been captured by Baskania, and he could not get to her in time to save her. She had been writing him letters, but he had been so concentrated on his mixed feelings about her since he kissed her to save her in the last book, and had not answered her. Erec has cloudy thoughts that appear in times of crisis, that help him stop bad things from happening. Once before he had a cloudy thought and pretty much turned into a fire breathing dragon.



His single mother works constantly, but can barely support her adopted kids. They have moved again, into an apartment so tiny that Erec sleeps with the washing machine. And worse, there is a strange force in Erec that makes him to do odd things. No matter how hard he fights it, his urge to obey grows until it is impossible to resist. Usually, it makes him do good things, like putting pillows at the bottom of stairs moments before his sister crashes down. But what if, someday, he is made to do something terrible? His power commands him to find her, taking him on an adventure that will change him forever.


Erec Rex: The Three Furies 4 by Kaza Kingsley (2010, Hardcover)



The Three Furies


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