Woodiwiss All right reserved. Chapter One August 24, She knew his name was Raven Seabern, that he was here at Westminster Castle in the service of his king, and she was aware of something else as well, that the tall, raven-haired Scotsman was staring at her again. For here, at the court of King Henry, she was being paid the admiration of so many men. Two massive hearths dominated the room at each end, with flames roaring higher than a man.

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Kathleen E. Woodiwiss For as long as she can remember, Lady Adriana Sutton has adored Colton Wyndham, to whom she has been promised by an agreement of courtship and betrothal since childhood.

He was too proud and too stubborn to accept a future not of his own choosing. Rather than submit, he fled from his ancestral home for a life of adventure and danger as an officer in the British army.

The years have been immensely kind to Lady Adriana. No longer the plain, thin tomboy Colton had spurned, she has blossomed into an uncommon beauty desired by nearly every eligible bachelor in the land. Yet the only man she desires is the decorated hero who has finally come home to claim his rightful title. Arrogant, unmoved, and seductive as ever, he remains averse to the idea of their betrothal in spite of his growing desire for her.

To demonstrate his belief that love cannot be forced, Colton agrees to court Lady Adriana for ninety days, after which time he will be allowed to keep his precious freedom if he so wishes. Forced into a courtship with this stunning, spirited woman, who is as different today from the young chit he left behind as spring is to winter, the heroic heart that was once closed to Adriana is moved by her charm, her grace, and her sensuality



Woodiwiss would later remark that, "every single one of us had minds of our own even then; I was no exception. After over three years in Japan, the family moved to Topeka, Kansas and then settled in Minnesota. After buying her husband an electric typewriter as a Christmas present, she appropriated the machine to begin her novel in earnest. Rather than follow the advice of the rejection letters and rewrite the novel, Woodiwiss instead submitted it to paperback publishers. The first publisher on her list, Avon, quickly purchased the novel. This novel, published in , sold over 2. Soon after finding her own success, Woodiwiss read a manuscript written by Spencer, who had yet to earn a publishing contract.


Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

Beschreibung bei Amazon Kathleen E. Woodiwiss was an American author of fiction. She was born on June 3, , and passed away in Her full name was Kathleen Erin Hogg before she got married. She wrote in the historical romance novel genre and was considered to be a pioneer of the romance genre, greatly influencing a lot of romance authors that came after her for some time. She had seven siblings and was the youngest of eight.



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