The Fleischmann standard turnouts are designed according to NEM standards. The gap between frog and closure rail is quite large. European wheels run on their flanges through this gap. The flange height of these wheels is up to 0. RP25 wheels can drop into this gap.

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Without claim to completeness or correctness. Rather, a tongue-in-check revue of diverse "proportionalities" which have been held under my nose or put in my hands during the course of my career as an N-scale railroader. Facts, myths and oddities! Up to that time HO was the most popular scale; a locomotive in a tiny scale neither was regarded as technically reliable, nor as a realistic looking model.

Today we know: N scale is established, and it is probably the best compromise concerning space requirements at home and realistic looking details. Only very few people have sq ft. Be that as it may: What should be big is always too small, and what should be small is always too big.

Especially N-scale track plans within Swiss or Bavarian Alps sceneries. But a real calculation of a scale mountain shows: 1 ft on a N scale model railway layout is equivalent to ft in reality.

This is equivalent to a real track height reaching up to your knees! Fact 3: No entrance here! Obviously this truck will have a serious problem, when entering this factory. So who did the miscalculation here? The truck manufacturer, or the manufacturer of this N scale building? Both claim: It is ! Or did I not understand - this is not a factory building at all?

A good resource for N scale vehicles you will find here: www. Litlle carhouse or big factory? Ladders, railings and fences: The rough and the delicate Houses are always something to smile about, i. N scale kits with ladders, railings, fences and the like…. When the cross section of the step of a ladder corresponds to the trunk diameter of a mature tree, a gutter resembles a water sewage pipe, or a simple garden gate is obviously modelled on the "elephant and rhinoceros" department at the zoo, the aspiring hobbyist is likely to want to have a word with the corresponding manufacturer.

For it is precisely such details that upgrade each model railroad layout. Myth 4: Wide curve radius R 3 and R 4 are standard N scale curves, which Fleischmann describes as "wide radius". As I like football US: soccer! Seems to be more a radius for a city tram or streetcar wobbling around street corners than for a high-speed intercity line! So advanced modellers prefer N-scale track plans with flex tracks.

Sports and N scale N scale track plans and the theory of relativity It is a popular rumour that Einstein stumbled upon his relativity theory on a train journey. As the train chugged along, he became fascinated by a fly buzzing around the compartment.

How fast was the fly moving? And in relation to what? For example: Speed is relative to the size of a model railroad layout. The same locomotive moving at the same speed on the same track gauge "seems" to move much more slowly on a 5 m piece of straight track than on a 50 cm piece of wiggly track. And to what extent this might be related to distance, or more precisely, to the relationship between the observer and the observed object….

One wonders what would have become of him, if it had. Maybe a designer of N scale locomotives with integrated space-time reality principle. Both are sold as N scale supply. So let me pick up, what every architect, painter or photographer knows: Objects in the background look "smaller".

Placing this castle in the background or on the top of a mountain will give a visual impression of "more" distance, especially on small N scale layouts. Tiny castle for the "distance trick" Fantasy or a reproduction of reality?

This means: The "How" is interesting. How to walk the tightrope between proportionality and feasibility. However, building a N scale model railroad layout is a delicate matter.

But this only applies to the scale - not to fantasy. How else would I have got the idea of attempting a track plan with a big terminus station and showpiece stretches on an area of 2 sq m?

Only "hobby railroaders" have such crazy ideas. Myth 6: N scale trees Most of the trees, which explicitly are sold as N scale supply, are in my opinion just bushes or christmas trees.

At best they are stuff for a tree nursery, but not for a real forest on N scale layouts. But fortunately this is not a real problem: We can buy HO trees!


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