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Compact Powered Desktop Monitors With JBL One Series reference monitors, we started with the mission to give content creators the ability to hear all the details for better results while mixing and editing. Drawing on seven decades of JBL Professional engineering, the One Series represents an innovative new set of speakers, designed from the ground up to provide the most accurate sonic presentation of any monitors in their class. With Bluetooth compatibility audio producers have the flexibility to reference their mixes through wireless or wired connections to ensure their tracks sound great on all listening devices. This is accomplished through clean, integrated watt Class D amplification that distributes 30 watts per speaker. And with their efficient design, One Series speakers can be driven to db SPL peak , without the distortion found in other monitors in their class. They not only feature a sleek, new look for JBL, but with their compact size, content creators can get legendary JBL sound even in smaller workspaces.

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Although I read in this forum for some time now, this is my first post. So, apologies for the one or the other typo or grammar mistake.

Lately I tried electrostats and open baffle subwoofers. However, I have always been interested in a very lively sound experience. I have to thank Holger Barske "hb" for the inspiration. His build is documented elsewhere in this forum. His build encouraged me to try it by myself. On one hand, my room was not wide enough for a proper placement of a pair of On the other hand, my interest is not only music but also homecinema. Why not combining the two? The woofers of the are actively crossed over anyhow.

The mid-high section may be better arranged in a vertical row. The four can better be replaced by two All Drivers could be arranged in one cabinet inspired by the Paragon I started with a brief coloured image to get an idea how things could tie together: I learned and profited a lot from this forum and without the documents and hints and tips herein, this would not have been possible.

Therefore, the intention of this thread is, to share some of my experiences and pictures with you to say "thank you guys". From my own experience, I always enjoyed a lot to view storys and pictures of someones built.

So, I hope you enjoy it.


Pair of Vintage JBL 4355 speakers

Sorry if I offended you with my enthusiasm for my "clones". Click to expand Having a design specially given by Greg Timbers and having them built by Kenrick Sound not only gives a peace of mind, but something unique that nobody can go out and buy. The crossovers are charge-coupled built from the suggested improved schematic provided by Greg Timbers, the original engineer and designer of the and most of the famous JBL systems from the last years who said the weak points of the original were the poor switch provided to make these able to be bi-amped or not, and the lack of sophistication of then-current crossover designs. These issues are corrected in my "clones". And kindly spare me your sanctimonious indignation.


JBL my Love – 4355



What was really JBL's finest speaker creation?




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