Are you ready and willing to take a realistic approach towards attaining consistent vertical jump improvements? If you answered yes to these questions then you are not alone. High, a professional athlete, or even just a weekend warrior, the respect and awe created by a rim rattling vertical leap is as yearned for and respected as any athletic feat or endeavor. My name is Kelly Baggett. As a teenage athlete with a lot of determination but with very little in the way of athletic gifts I, like a lot of you, was determined to increase my vertical jump.

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Are you ready and willing to take a realistic approach towards attaining consistent vertical jump improvements? If you answered yes to these questions then you are not alone.

High, a professional athlete, or even just a weekend warrior, the respect and awe created by a rim rattling vertical leap is as yearned for and respected as any athletic feat or endeavor.

My name is Kelly Baggett. As a teenage athlete with a lot of determination but with very little in the way of athletic gifts I, like a lot of you, was determined to increase my vertical jump. Over the years I wasted a lot of time and money on bogus programs and gimmicks but I decided to go on a mission and find out the truth - the most effective way to increasing leaping ability. That journey started 15 years ago. You name it I did it. I eventually did achieve my own goals and began working as a trainer where I was able to refine my approach even further.

I invested years in education, thousands of dollars on books, seminars, and hours upon hours reading through scientific research journals. Most importantly, over the years I have spent thousands and thousands of hours in the gym helping other athletes. Many people can talk a good game but I prefer to rely on my personal experience to back it up About a year ago it became apparent to me that even today there is a vast shortage of information for athletes who desire real results with regard to vertical jump improvement.

I decided to take all the battle tested and effective information I learned over the years and combine it into the ultimate resource for anyone who aspires to jump higher and develop mind-boggling explosiveness.

The end result is Higher-Faster-Sports. First of all no program, gimmick, or gadget is going to double your vertical jump in 6 weeks or even 6 months! Unfortunately, hype, misinformation, empty promises, gimmicks, and failures are too commonplace in this industry. Why does this occur? Mainly because the vertical jump is not an established competitive athletic event like a high jump or meter dash. Therefore, there are zero knowledge standards for coaches to adhere to so the field is dominated by salesman instead of trainers.

My desire is to take you and guide you confidently towards your athletic goals. There are no shortcuts and it takes smart and consistent training.

Not only do you get rock-solid scientifically sound information but you can also rest assured that this information has been battle tested in the real world. No more taking advice from those who have never achieved their own success. If you want to become a millionaire do you ask the guy who inherited millions of dollars for advice? Or do you ask the guy who started with nothing and created his own wealth? The answer to that question should be obvious. A pro athlete with 10 years of training experience might be performing the same program as someone 12 years old with no experience.

The fact is, no 2 athletes are alike. Everyone has different strong points, weak points, experience, and skill levels. For optimal results your program needs to be individualized and taken out of cookie cutter mode. The body responds differently to varying types of training. Science has proven that for optimal results you need a program that addresses development from multiple angles.

Most programs currently available only incorporate 1 or 2 training methods with maybe exercise variations. The fact is, there are 10 different qualities that should be addressed at one time or another.

These qualities include: Control and stability how well can you control and coordinate your body? General Strength how solid is your foundation? Maximum Strength how much horsepower do you have and is it enough? Maximum Power how well do you use your maximum horsepower? Starting Strength how quickly can you apply force? Short response reactive training skip over ground and take off like a rock skipping on water Speed of movement how fast can you move?

If your foundation is not strong and your weaknesses are not addressed through your training program your progress will be limited and likely go nowhere. Only by identifying and addressing your individual needs can you reach your potential!

The Vertical Jump Development Bible allows you to train to your unique needs. To ensure individuality, every program I write is broken down into 4 levels of advancement beginner, novice, intermediate, and advanced. Still others improve tremendously by doing nothing but plyometrics and speed drills.

Because of this, the average athlete is very confused where they should focus their efforts. Unfortunately, most coaches are even worse. Some say strength training is the answer — Others say plyometric work is the end all and be all.

The truth is, the answer depends on you and your unique physical characteristics and nobody can answer that question except for your own body. The body never lies. Your performance in certain tasks will tell you where to direct your training efforts. You will learn how strength training and plyometric training stimulate different adaptations. Most programs focus on only 1 category of plyometric training and this method is not optimal for most people.

In truth, there is a certain progression that needs to be followed for maximum results. Each category of drill stimulates a slightly different type of adaptive response. You will also learn: 7 The 3 different types of leapers Not only are people very individualistic in their response to certain training methods or programs, but science has even verified that jumping style, or performance in different types of jumps standstill, running start, 1-legged jump , is very individual and the training methods that influence one type of jump may not carry well over to another style.

There are 3 different types of leapers. One group relies more on strength and muscle power, one group relies more on natural body structure, and one group relies on a combination between the 2. Iw ill teach you how to identify which group you are in and how this should influence your training, leaping style, and subsequent improvements.

Ever wonder why? It turns out there is a huge difference between the 2 in terms of muscle contribution and strength qualities. Find out what factors determine your naturally dominant style and the training methods to improve each.

Find out what unbiased scientific research has to say about these training aids. Hint: What looks right tends to fly right and looks can always be improved!

Learn the simple Vertical Jump Equation and find out why very few people in history have ever really maxed out their true potential. Fast twitch fibers are the biggest, fastest, and strongest fibers. Learn why the real key is your mind to muscle connection and what you can do to improve it. Learn the truth about the discrepancy between ethnic groups in regards to vertical jumping ability and speed. Why these differences have nothing to do with color and what you can do to maximize your genetics.

Use my simple calculator to assess your body-fat percentage. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Not only do I tell you what to do but also why you do it and how you do it. No longer do you have to plod along for weeks, months, and years in an exhausting game of pin the tail on the donkey.

The programs are designed to work with however much time you desire to dedicate to training — I can get you fantastic results training only 30 minutes twice per week. Instead of wasting time with all the other programs and gimmicks out there that are 1 dimensional, oversimplified, require gadgets, gimmicks, or special training devices, The Vertical Jump Development Bible will give you just the right amount of scientific and technical detail to keep the knowledge you gain interesting but not overly technical and impractical.

Can you understand the concepts already presented above and did you look forward to reading about them? In the Vertical Jump Development Bible the information is presented in the EXACT same easy to understand, user-friendly format so that you can put it to use immediately. Now this information has been interpreted and tested and can be brought to you in an easily understandable format so that you can reach your goals.

Here is what others are saying: Testimonials These are ordinary people just like you. Unhappy with their performance and determined to improve they decided to do something about it.

They realized that good information coupled with dedication equals effective results. You get all these insights in an easy to read and follow format, of ALL of my nearly two-decades of success at helping hundreds of athletes elevate their athletic ability and game.

The answer might shock you — Did you know the average professional football player or even high-level shotputter has a much higher vertical jump than professional basketball players? Find out what they do differently. How you can employ and benefit from REAL plyometrics. How you can use your training motivation to gauge your progress.

Analyze your current level along with your training response. Using the information and programs, you will immediately begin to make consistent improvements! No matter what your background and current ability, if you are committed you will increase your vertical jump. My purpose for putting all this information together is to provide ALL athletes with a chance to take advantage of the best information available so I want to make it affordable for everyone.

Keep in mind this special offer may not be available long! Everyone desires a lean muscular body with a tight and defined mid-section. In Body Composition Basics I teach you how to manipulate your body composition through nutrition and training.

Do you need to gain weight or lose weight? If you want to shape up, lose body-fat, or gain solid muscular bodyweight this program will teach you how. Do you start a training program with a lot of motivation only to find all to often you end up getting burned out and quit?

Before you achieve any goal you must decide what that goal is. This goal-setting program will take you step by step towards your goals. Virtually all the greatest athletes in every sport are great because they have a tremendous ability to mentally take their body and their game to another level.


The Vertical Jump Development Bible








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