But how else to explain the man who claims he is from beyond the stars? He says his name is Lorgin and that she is part of his celestial destiny. Deana thinks his reasoning is ridiculous, and she knows hes making an error of cosmic proportions. But his touch is electric, and Deana starts to wonder if maybe their passion isnt written in the stars?

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His shoulders were stooped; his face was etched in lines of worry that had not been there the previous day. This is most disturbing…most disturbing. My knowledge cannot extend to this area. He knew his old teacher well; Yaniff in his convoluted way was getting to something. Lorgin crossed his arms over his massive chest and leaned against the balustrade.

I did not say that you could do nothing. Yaniff unfolds as slowly as the tazmin flower in the sun. Lorgin had given his life and measure to Yaniff to command as he saw fit.

Many a campaign had he waged on behalf of Aviara and the Astral Alliance. Find out what is causing these rifts in space and time. You know the disturbances on the rim must be stopped.

It was a difficult journey. Few survived it. The risk of death did not concern him so much as the enormity of the task.

It was an impossible mission. The ancient mystic read his thoughts. Maybe not for you. They will serve you well when you need them. Thus I have trained you. Your journey is to begin. Lorgin faced the first tunnel. It spiraled away from him in a myriad of brilliant lights, pulsing in time. Before he entered, he turned to bid his mentor and friend good-bye, then stepped through the portal. How long Lorgin had been traveling he knew not. First, she had been fired from her job. Excuse me, laid off.

Amounted to the same thing. It was just the beginning of a day that would live in infamy. Naturally she dived right for it—into a seat of something wet.

It was not pleasant and it smelled. She stood quickly enough, but the damage had been done. At least she had been wearing her raincoat, not that it had had the decency to rain, yet. People were giving her strange looks, putting as much space as possible between her and themselves. When she got off the train, the last stop, of course, she removed the offensive coat and impulsively threw it in a trash receptacle.

She was just in that frame of mind. Her troubles were only beginning. Just as she reached her car, she had the good fortune to see two cars back into each other in the parking lot. Their bumpers crunched and unbelievably locked together. Both drivers, being courteous and polite Boston commuters, exited their cars like wild bulls at a rodeo, snorting and stamping while circling their automobiles.

When the police finally came, she was informed she would have to wait for the tow trucks to clear the space. At rush hour, they estimated a good 45 minutes. As she looked around for a place, any place, to escape to, her eyes lit on a small, decrepit-looking resale shop across the street. She headed for it like a person who has just discovered she had hit the lottery, and that was where she had to collect.

As she entered the store, a bell tinkled over the door. Observing the seed y interior, Deana revised her original evaluation and demoted it from resale to junk shop. Cartons were piled haphazardly everywhere. Books, old furniture, glassware, broken toys—they haunted the room like the ghosts of consumers past.

At least it was blessedly quiet in here. As she was viewing this white-elephant graveyard, a curtain in a doorway parted and an old geezer wearing a Red Sox baseball cap sauntered out. He seemed like a nice old guy. Keeps me in business. Do you want to look around? She thought of her now defunct job. Here I am, Deana Jones, twenty-six-year-old soon-to-be bag lady. Better get used to this, she lamented. After about a half hour, she did find an interesting necklace, sort of.

It was under about five cartons of junk, but Deana had had a feeling there might be something good under there. She held the necklace up to the dim light. It was tarnished and dirty. Made of metal, it was a collar type necklace which reminded her of a torque from the days of King Arthur. In the center of the band was a dark, rough-shaped stone which seemed to be black, although it was hard to tell in the poor lighting.

She scrutinized it more carefully. She brought it to the front of the store and placed it on the scruffy countertop. The old man picked up the necklace and eyed it with distaste. Deana immediately defended it. How much? While the old man was putting the necklace in a bag for her, she looked out the front windows, noticing that the tow trucks had arrived and were clearing the cars out. Thanking the man, Deana grabbed the bag and left the shop, already tasting the strong, hot cup of coffee she was going to make as soon as she got home.

She was exhausted. Nice of them to fire her the day before her vacation was to start. Deana peered warily at the low black clouds coalescing above her.

Perhaps if I hurry, I just might make it. Thunder sounded briefly before the sky opened and rain pelted the ground in torrents. She ran pell-mell across the tarmac of the lot. Without her raincoat, by the time she made it to her car, she was soaked to the skin. What did I do to deserve this day?

Due to the rain, the traffic was horrendous on the way home. What should have been a twenty-minute drive turned into an hour. When she finally pulled into the private drive that led to the cottage, Deana almost sobbed in gratitude.

Until she got out of the car to check the mailbox at the end of the drive. Three rejections from two editors. She stood in the driveway letting the rain pelt down on her. Resignedly, she got back in her car and drove the quarter mile up to the cottage. Gazing tiredly up at the little three-room house, Deana blessed her grandfather, her last remaining relative, for leaving it to her in his will. At least she would always have a roof over her head.

As long as I pay the taxes, she amended. Once inside, she closed the door and quickly threw the deadbolt, locking the rest of the world out of her private domain.

Groaning in relief to be back in her nice, warm home, she headed straight for a hot shower, removing her soggy clothes on the way to the bathroom. Never had a shower felt so wonderful. Feeling almost human, she braided her waist-length hair and stepped into a comfortable pair of well-worn jeans. Even though it was the beginning of September, the damp air was chilly, so she donned a sweatshirt before padding into the kitchen to make that long-awaited and well-deserved cup of java.

While she was waiting for Mr. Coffee to do his number, Deana retrieved the necklace from the bag and stared at it. What had possessed her? It looked even worse, removed from the other junk that had surrounded it.

Perhaps if I clean it up… She headed to the utility closet, returning with a polishing cloth and some jewelry cleaner. As soon as she started to remove the tarnish from the band, Deana felt a lot better about her purchase. The necklace gleamed silver under the kitchen light, although Deana doubted it was sterling.

It must be some alloy.


Knight of a Trillion Stars by Dara Joy - PDF free download eBook

Start your review of Knight of a Trillion Stars Matrix of Destiny 1 Write a review Shelves: paranormal-romance , reads Deana was having a really bad day - she was fired from her job, she sat in something funny and her car is parked in by an accident. While she waits for her car, she goes to a nearby pawn shop and buys a random necklace that she thinks is junk. Deana was having a really bad day - she was fired from her job, she sat in something funny and her car is parked in by an accident. She thinks he is a sci fi fan sent to her as a joke by her friends but soon realizes he really is an alien. Lorgan sticks by her side as she goes to a sci fi convention then randomly takes her trough a travel portal to his home universe to continue his quest as a Knight of the Charl to find who or what is messing with the fabric of his home world. Lorgan recognized Deana or Adeena as her calls her as his fated wife since she wore the Shimalee. He married her without her knowledge then sets out to seduce the very reluctant Deana.


Knight of a Trillion Stars




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