The poem shows Ercilla to be a master of the octava real that is Italian ottava rima , the complicated stanza in which many other Renaissance epics in Castilian were written. A difficult eight-line unit of syllable verses that are linked by a tight rhyme scheme abababcc, the octava real was a challenge few poets met. It had been adapted from Italian only in the 16th century, and it produces resonant, serious-sounding verse that is appropriate to epic themes. Subject matter[ edit ] The work describes the initial phase of the Arauco War which evolved from the Spanish conquest attempt of southern Chile. The war would come to shape the economics, politics and social life of Chile for centuries.

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La Araucana details in poetic narrative the struggle of the fiercely proud Arauca Indians for independence from their Spanish oppressors. He subsequently received his bachelors degree from New York University.

Carrera spent his entire career in the new field of social work and public social services. He began his career in New York City, moved to Albany, New York to work in the area of state social services program management and then relocated to Washington, D. He continued his career working for the advancement of social services to women and children within various federal programs. Carrera served his country as a sergeant in the U. Army Field Artillery.

He saw action in France and Germany before returning to the United States to resume his work in the field of social services. During this period, while living in New York City, Mr. Carrera met and married his wife, Joan.

They lived for many years in New York and Virginia. Carrera began his fascination with the life of the indigenous people of South America, stemming from the knowledge that his paternal great-grandmother was Araucana. This knowledge led him to begin a translation of the epic La Araucana by Alonso de Ercilla. He spent many years working to refine his translations, making great effort to bring to it the poetic narrative formant so carefully written by de Ercilla.

It was while working on the refinement of the epic that Mr. Carrera came to be vitally interested in the Smithsonian Institution and the creation of the new Museum of the American Indian. Carrera is publicly honored and memoralized by being registered on the Honor Wall of the Museum of the American Indian, which is located within the National Mall in Washington, D.



Mer Ercilla embodied the Renaissance ideal of being at once a man of action and a man of letters as no other in his time was. This last is an indicator of the humanist side of Ercilla, and a human sympathy which he shows towards the indigenous people. Views Read Edit View history. La Araucana is deliberately literary and includes fantastical elements reminiscent of medieval stories of chivalry. The narrator claims that he attempted to have the life of the Indian chieftain spared. However, having previously accepted the rule of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperorthe Araucanians were now in revolt against their legitimate sovereign lord.


A Translation of Alonso de Ercilla's 'La Araucana'




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