Have you ever wondered who you really are and what you are doing here? Believe it or not, the simple truth is that everything you want to know is already inside you. Renowned psychic and bestselling author James Van Praagh has learned a lot through his amazing ability to communicate with the spiritual realms, and in Looking Beyond he shares with teens what the spirits have taught him, including The real deal about soulmates hint: you have more than one! Why you have the parents you do What the heck spirit guides are and how to use them How dreams can increase your creativity Ways to develop your sixth sense The lessons you were born to learn Looking Beyond gives you the tools you need to uncover the power, strength, and talent to fulfill your unique destiny.

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For various reasons I had drifted away from my core spiritual beliefs and was looking for a guide to help return me to a better, more peaceful, less stressed mental state. As I write this review I have read it twice and will keep reading it again and again until I no longer feel the need. I wholeheartedly agree. He covers all of the basics of how one should live, think, approach negativity, pray, react, and stay tuned to your spiritual inner voice. Yes, some of the references to teen life came across as cheesy, but I applied the points he was making to my present personal life and they proved useful.

Certain phrases would leap out to me as being exactly what I needed to learn or remember while something else would seem to have been written especially for him.

He was clearly surprised to hear from me but I told him to please put our issues aside and trust me that it was important that he download and read this book. I actually teared up when he wrote back that he trusted my opinion and would do as I asked.

It turned out he was going through some challenging life issues I knew nothing about and the book really helped him. Since then the inner voice has calmed down a ton in its efforts to use me to help him so it seems my tasking has been fulfilled. I hope so and am thankful I listened. Do yourself a favor and buy this book. Do your genuine best to absorb the valuable lessons it presents, and trust that what you need the most for right now will practically leap off the pages.

Try to find a peaceful place and time of day when you are the least distracted. And consider trying what has proven helpful for me: reread it to pick up points you may have missed before, and then use it as a "primer reminder" when you feel the need. Pray, meditate, and I wish you the best. More Books by James Van Praagh.


Looking Beyond: How To Use Your Psychic Talent To Get What You Want

James Van Praagh claims to Looking Beyond is supposed to be a guide for teens to the spiritual world. James Van Praagh claims to be a psychic medium - someone who can communicate with the dead. He says that he has seen ghosts since he was a kid - just like The Sixth Sense, but the ghosts always happy and positive. That is certainly not the end of the movie references - he also claims to be pulling us out of The Matrix. And my personal favorite: "Could there be alien life forms right her on our planet?


Looking Beyond

He said that from an early age he experienced spiritual phenomena, including once when he was 8 year old; while praying to God , a glowing open hand appeared through his ceiling, an experience which he described as peaceful. It was there that he discovered a direct interest in spiritualism after visiting medium Brian Hurst, who upon meeting Van Praagh called him a medium and stated that the spirit world would assist him in "changing the consciousness of the planet. His book Growing Up in Heaven: The Eternal Connection Between Parent and Child, gives a detailed portrayal of what he claims happens to the souls of children after they die. Oliver said " Group readings improve the odds that at least one person in the audience will identify with a general statement made with conviction.

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