Shelves: time-travel , medieval , This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. A while back I read Kurlands Nine Kingdoms trilogy and really enjoyed it. Ive been wanting to try her other books, but I guess felt a little overwhelmed because there are so many and I wasnt sure if they had to be read in order, etc.

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With not much else left other than a mountain of debt from student loans and canceled un-refundable wedding deposits, she managed to keep her pre-paid ticket and reservations for her life-long dreamed for, and planned honeymoon tour of Scotland. Unfortunately, her totally obnoxious ex-fiance, has a change of heart did I say change of heart - he had no heart but was determined to win her back through whatever devious means he could - such as, canceling her credit cards, reservations, stealing her luggage, passport, etc.

Now after all that you are probably wondering why anyone would want to read this and more than likely you are already disgusted with the heroine. They spend a lot of time thinking about what they should instead be talking about to each other. I understand feelings are hard to share for some people but this was to the point of ridiculousness. Plus when I read a romance novel I expect some not a lot but at least some "action" so to speak, but as another reviewer said it was G-rated.

Very frustrating to me to read a book that goes on and on, when not necessary. I actually quit reading about pages in, but was so in to the story, I forced myself to finish. Skimmed through alot of it. The romance sections were so G-rated, or just skipped altogether.

I am not planning to read anymore of her books. Not my cup of tea so to speak. I just got this book today and I finished it in a marathon 3. It was amazing and for Kurland fans, it will be well worth the expense.

His normal, cheerful demeanor was shattered after his first wife, Lisa, dies and so does the baby she was carrying. Jamie and Ian are worried that he may never fall in love again or get married. They are even more worried that Patrick may never act normally again.

Madelyn Phillips has other issues. Madelyn, of course, spends much of her time ducking him and trying to get some control back over her life while trying to convince him to leave.

Patrick and Madelyn finally meet at Culloden, where Madelyn pays her respects to a stone marker she finds at her feet, one marked "MacLeod. Eventually, Madelyn ends up back in time trying to avoid Bentley. In fact, she ends up in the 14th century, at the Fergusson keep remember, MacLeods and Fergussons are sworn enemies and only Patrick can come save her.

In attempting to save her, Patrick has to let go of some of his demons in order to get the time travel gate to work properly. Eventually he concocts a daring escape for Madelyn and takes her back to the future, where an even more disturbing enemy awaits them I cannot begin to say how much I love this book. Both the hero and heroine are extremely lovable, and the main "villain" make you want to punch him.

Wit, charm, romance, suspense, and so much more make this book a truly superb read. Reading dates listed below are not original, but re-read dates.


A Garden in the Rain (MacLeods Series #4)

Maurg For some reason he wants her back, even though he dumped her, and is making gardden life miserable in an attempt to win her back not sure about his logic. And this one is just as much my favorite Story as all the others I recommend this Book. Buy A Garden in the Rain: Patrick MacLeod is haunted by his past, by events he had no control over and wishes desperately he could change. There were just a few things that really kept me from loving this book. I really Romance and time travel, two of my favorite genres in one book — clean too! A leakier wench I have yet to encounter in a book.


A Garden In The Rain



A Garden in the Rain


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