Plot introduction[ edit ] While Anita Blake remains one of the most effective "legal vampire hunters" in the country, her personal life is in turmoil because of her close personal relationship with some vampires. Summary[ edit ] Vittorio has resurfaced in Las Vegas. Anita receives a head of one of the officers in Las Vegas, and sets out to pursue this vampire serial killer. Anita becomes bound to two other tigers, Cynric blue and Domino black and white. Characters in Skin Trade[ edit ] Major characters[ edit ] Anita Blake : Anita travels to Vegas because if she did not, she believes other people will die.

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Louis and I am in Las Vegas, but I have heard how you sleep with everything with a dick. You are a slut. Cop 1: Yes, you are. Shaw arrives. Shaw: Yes, you are. AS: Shut up. And because my author has issues. We will totally stand by you and take back all the reservations we had about a human servant of a vampire and her integrity with the police. I have a manly man crush on you. AS: Awwwwww, how sweet of you to say!

Bernardo: Yeah, Edward watching Bella sleeping creepy. AS: Do I have to love and have sex with everyone in this series? AS: Actually, Bernardo, you are a fine piece of ass. Come over HERE! Shaw is there. Reader: This is making me uncomfortable LKH: This is a feminist book! Cynric: HI!! Plot: Hello there, guys? Anita Sue is the biggest, baddest, manliest woman that was ever manly! She still feels the need to break into a justification for her relationships at the drop of a hat and, like the child she is, will so anything to prove how awesome she is.

Lots of characters are raked through the coals. Edward is a cheap imitation of what he once was; Olaf no longer is the creepy serial rapist; Bernardo is nothing more than a sappy teenager seeking approval. And any police officer must give Anita Sue lots of sh! What about Richard, Micah, Nathaniel, and the million of other characters?

Mentioned in passing or not at all. Geez, well, thanks for that. What about women? Yay for female power! Vittorio, Marmee Noir, the djinn - all would have made fiercesome villains. And then the writing! Good God, I live for the awful writing! Think like a girl for once. I kissed him back. Kissed him with mouth and arms around his back, tracing his spine, spilling down to the swell of his body where waist ended and other things began. I held him and he held me back. I held him and remembered holding him while he bled.

Holding him while I thought he was dying. There is a lot more focus on plot, and the plot is very solid. There is way too much fluff, way too much piddling around in meaningless conversations, way too little time spent investigating and actually fighting the bad guys.

It makes me wonder if LKH even knows how to write a book anymore.


Skin Trade



Skin Trade (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series #17)



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