After calibration, these displays offer an industry-leading local uniformity of more than 90 percent across 25 5x5 areas of each display screen, resulting in uniform color expression across the entire display. The calibration process also enables the displays to offer a superior white balance difference of less than degrees K. Through these advanced color management solutions, the UDE Series video walls enable large-scale presentations to feature superior uniformity, consistency and performance for the ultimate in color expression. Featuring an ultra-narrow 3. When exposed to a range of environmental conditions, video wall panels can run the risk of losing image quality due to distortion and irregular color presentation.

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Deliver your message in Full High Definition with minimal distractions With super-narrow bezels of just 5. The slender depth of the displays makes the video wall easily adaptable to various environments. The displays also include an anti-glare panel with an 11 percent haze level, which reduces light scatter and dazzling for enhanced readability.

Impress viewers with the colour uniformity across all screens Deliver your messages in consistently accurate colour across multiple displays with Samsung UDC-B Series displays. The displays undergo a meticulous factory colour calibration process, ensuring accurate colour without image distortion without the need for manual calibration.

The improved factory colour-tuning for white balancing and colour difference compensation ensure that the displays present image in uniform colour with colour temperature matching. Keep your message playing with automatic source switching The Auto Source Switching feature of UDC-B Series displays maintains virtually constant and seamless content display.

This feature automatically changes the display from one content source to another when the original source fails. Source recovery enables a content source to be used as a backup for ongoing play when another source is unavailable. This flexibility ensures that your business content remains available when you need it.

To change the content displayed, you simply replace the SBB-C in individual displays or a control display. The control display then transmits the message to the other displays in the video wall. If you opt for an SBB-C in each display, you gain incredible flexibility in delivering multiple messages over your video wall.

Manage content on a video wall of up to 10 x 10 displays with ease Conveniently manage an impressive video wall of up to 10 x 10 displays with Digital Visual Interface DVI loop out and flexible RJ45 and RSC connectivity options.

Using the DVI loop out, you can share content shown on a single display with adjoining displays in your video wall. Instead of manually programming each unit in the video wall, you can remotely control content on UDC-B Series displays.

This innate connectivity eliminates the need for you to purchase separate video signal distributors for each display, reducing equipment costs. Easily change your message as often as needed to support your business and to reach your target audience.


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