Date of issue: 30 January Description of the book "Use Your Perfect Memory": Now in a totally updated edition--the secrets of how to stretch memory skills to the fullest. Buzan has devised an ingenious system for memory improvement, geared to handle each specific memory problem--from everyday names and phone numbers to special programs for card players to showing students how to prepare for and get optimum results on exams. In other words, "freedom involving speech" We all totally recognized. Your current feedback to book Use Your Perfect Memory - various other audience will be able to make a decision about a e-book. This sort of support could make people much more Usa! However, we may enjoy if you have any information about that, and are also ready to offer that.

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I decided to pick this book up, because I am learning a new language and it is difficult for me to retain new vocabulary. Hence, I though this book would help me improve my memory. The book covers various ways and systems you could do and use to put your brain into better use. The Link system is what I normal would use to memories difficult words with weird spelling , however, the extent of the use of this system discussed by the author is beyond what I regularly would do.

The system is actually very useful; For instance, if you want to memories your shopping list in order, you create a storyline that contain all the items. The storyline should contain elements from all your senses to aid in memorisation.

If you have a test to study, there is so much information to remember and creating stories that involves all your senses is time consuming.

Still, I will use it without the story aspect and only attach sensory elements to the information. With the other systems, The Peg Memory System is something that I would see myself using, but the Roman room system, the alphabet system and the major system are too complicated.

The book explains well how these systems could be put to use, but I would end up forgetting the actual system or mix up. Which happened alot while going through the examples. For the Major system, you assign numbers to consonants and then give words to each number and this can go up to forever.

Sometimes, a word has more than one consonant but only one represents an actual number. I personally see myself getting messed up with this system a lot which happened while going throught the exercises in the book , and I would need to spend a lot of time to just get the system. The book also briefly discusses Mindmaps in barely two pages , it was one of the parts I was looking the most forward to.

I guess, I should just keep on doing what I am already doing and hope for the best XD Finally, the book goes into detail on how to use these systems to remember names, faces, phone numbers and study materials. I think this book might be interesting or helpful for individuals who are interested in improving their memory. It is a very light read, and I would recommend it.


Use Your Perfect Memory



Use Your Memory


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