Vertel in ongeveer woorden de inhoud. Lucie is helemaal fan van barbies en wil alles in het roze. Haar man, Adrien, heeft haar verlaten voor een jongere minnares. Ze is er helemaal kapot van, maar ze wil sterk blijven voor haar kinderen. Het was voor haar erg onverwachts, hij vertrok ineens. Haar schoonvader, Pierre, neemt haar dan mee naar hun vakantiehuisje.

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I remember feeling very relieved and getting on with clearing up the debris. And it was hard but not impossible because where there is life there is hope. Even in the face of marital breakdown.

I guess for me the need to live abundantly and the need to care for my small son very soon outpaced the sorrow and regret. So because of my own experience I was really interested when I saw this book on NetGalley. I think it was well written, very emotional, very sad with lots of weeping and very unlike me.

The emotions, the pain, the anger and the questioning all feel very real. Translated from the French version the story is about a woman who is utterly devastated and bereft when her husband leaves her and their two little girls for another woman. He tells her the marriage was a mistake. A mistake?

In any case the story is quite melancholy. Chloe is in total shock and cries an awful lot. It is her father - in - law who provides her with support, not really a shoulder to cry on, but company. Company for her and the two young girls as they try to come to terms with the dissolution of their supposedly safe family unit. Chloe grieves for the loss of her marriage and her dreams.

She grieves for all that she gave up for married life - her studies that I cannot imagine , her youth she got married at 20 and she supported her husband and helped him shake off the shackles of his father. She grieves for her two little girls and the strangeness of the broken family that they now are but even in the midst of grief there is hope. The question is will Chloe recognise this hope? He shares with her about the death of his brother, his childhood and his parents.

He tells Chloe about his own married life which was lacklustre and suffocating for both him and his wife, and how he met his true love and had an affair but eventually lost this true love. So both of them settled for less and he regrets it. He shares his own failings and disappointment with Chloe in order to encourage her and in doing this he somehow steps into the breech for Chloe and becomes the bearer of her grief, the sounding board and the shoulder to cry on because he tells her the truth.

He tells her that her life will be better without his son. She now has an opportunity to live and to flourish.


Je l'aimais



Je l'aimais


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