This means there is no oxidation of the asphalt, no degradation of the mix, and no asphalt vapors entering the exhaust gas stream. Vapors generated in the mixing section are pulled through the burner by a patented volatile reclaim system and consumed as fuel. There are no odors or blue smoke emissions to pollute the environment. The Genco Ultra II burner is extended well inside the dryer for maximum efficiency and contact with the wet aggregates. There are no refractory chambers or high maintenance combustion ports.

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The Low Nox, total air system significantly reduces noise while providing total and efficient combustion of conventional fuels-whether oil, gas, LP or Coal. With no refractory or combustion port requirement, you achieve faster heat-up and cool-down, lower maintenance and reduced heat loss. This compact package is ideal where size and weight are critical. The unique design can significantly reduce or totally eliminate the use of Flue Gas Re-circulation FGR , by a primary stage pre-mix accumulator and a second stage patented injection system.

The result is a more stable combustion flame with little to no effect on the exhaust system of the process. This equates to more productivity with the same exhaust system. It fires directly into the dryer, so the energy which would normally be absorbed by refractories and lost to radiation goes to the product, increasing plant production and decreasing fuel consumption. It costs less to install because of its small size and lightweight.

It can operate on most liquid and gaseous fuels, and is compatible with nearly every control system. The Gencor Family.



Our Companies Gencor Industries Gencor is the leading manufacturer of asphalt plants, soil remediation plants, combustion systems and heat transfer systems to the road and highway construction industry. For over a century, Gencor has worked with highway Contractors in innovating technologies that have shaped highway construction industry standards. The Gencor Family of companies provide a distinct advantage in the road and highway construction industries by manufacturing the highest quality equipment, and parts and providing the best possible after-sale customer support and training to the industry. Gencor is headquartered in Central Florida and maintains two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, servicing North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. General Combustion With an emphasis on fuel efficiency and reliability, General Combustion has continually strived to increase operating economies through sophisticated design and advanced process control systems that create the perfect combination of form and function. General Combustion has engineered combustion systems that can transform almost any fuel into energy or burn multiple fuels simultaneously. Whether conventional fuels such as oil or coal or synthetic process or refuse solid fuels, General Combustion has designed a system to go beyond the norm, constantly pushing the limits of the imagination.


Burners and Combustion Systems


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