Negor lg All of these features are accessedvia the Settings menu. You can delete all the messages. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. You canread another message by scrolling,or[OK]. You canalso reset the call timers. Page 24 Getting Started3.

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Pressto make a voice call. Trace Option [menu 4] RF Calibration data, etc. Note] The quality of the conversation maychange depending on networkcoverage. Call History Call history You can check the record of missed, received, and dialled calls only if the network supports Calling Line Identification CLI within the service area.

Pressing the shortcut key previous year and pressing move to the next year. Note] Only use the charger included in thebox. One is by grid type orsecondly in list format. Outdoor menu in profile. Note The metal contact of the SIM card can easily be damaged by scratches.

Table Of Contents 4. Any Major Difference Refer to Graph4. Youcan insert new multimedia filesthat you create instantly to theshort messages. Microphone Trouble K C C 2. Note] Enabling this function will delaydisplaying images until thecompletion of transmission. You can set the priority of the message you choose.

You can resend the message. After you have saved a newtemplate, you can use the followingoptions. Youwill need to contact your serviceprovider. General FunctionsIn idle mode with the phone open,you can adjust the key volumeusing. Selecting this item displays requesting message and animation. You can view tasks ofthe day selected. All messages will automatically be saved in the outbox folder, even after a sending failure.

If the power is left on, there is a chance you could lose the stored telephone numbers and messages. Note You can see only specific files in a specific folder. MultimediaThe following options are available. Note Because of the small dimension of ,anual speaker, the audio could be distorted in some cases. Press to get Home.

Reset all the profiles. Page 47 and input the status. General, Silent, Vibrate only, Outdoor and Headset. Disposal of your old appliance 1. Last line Shows the functions currently assigned to the two soft keys. It includessmall parts which if detached maycause a choking hazard. Depending on the service provider, all Java based programs such as Java games can be downloaded and This manual also for: Calculator Go to date: You can delete all.

If no Bluetooth device isfound, you will be asked if youwant to search again. The schedule saved for the datewhere the cursor is located isrepresented by an icon. The cursor is on the current date, and the registered date is marked. A longpress of thekey will take manua into your voicemail. Press the left key [OK] to save. Topause the playback, pressduringthe playback. TOP Related Posts.


LG KG290 User Manual

Kizahn Using this menu, youcan delete all of the pairedBluetooth devices. Note] We recommend that your phone andConnectivityBluetoothMenu 9. Enter the current PIN code and press 3. When a new voice message isreceived, thesymbol will bedisplayed on the screen. Each profile can be personalised Except Vibrate only, Silent menu. Screen shows Searching fordevices.



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