For the K root server of the Domain Name System , see root name server. Kroot: close-combat troops. Hailing from the jungle world of Pech, the Kroot possess avian ancestry and beaks, but have evolved to appear closer to feather-less reptiles. Guided by Shapers, Kroot are capable of drastically altering their genome by eating dead enemies and absorbing specific genes, to adapt to new combat niches. They do also work outside of "The Greater Good" as mercenaries frequently. However, the first appearance of a Kroot was in the 3rd Edition Warhammer 40, rulebook Priestley, , in a sketch entitled "Other Dangerous Aliens" [2].

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Oh, and the basic humanoid body layout on top of that. Two arms, bipedal gait, the whole shebang. Evidence for this are pieces of wreckage marked with Ork glyphs scattered all over Pech that the Kroot regard as sacred objects, as well as the presence of hybrid fungal matter in parts of their body.

For some reason, the fluff likes to point out how revolting the Kroot are for their carnivorous practices, even though, when you really stop and think about it, the Kroot are one of the more morally upright races around. Most who do spend their time around Kroot generally seem to like them, though. The "revolting" part may be more of a knee-jerk reaction from people not used to seeing bird people eating dudes.

You may have noticed that this article talks a lot about eating. According to Chapter Approved in White Dwarf , the Kroot physiology basically revolves around their mouth. Take a wild guess how they conceive. The answer is back rubs. Male Kroot have specialized pores that secrete a gene-bearing bio-fluid what experts refer to as "alien bird-jizz" on their palms, whilst female Kroot have "receptor pores" for this fluid on the smalls of their back.

So when two Kroot make babies, the male has to give the female a back rub. Yeah, we thought it would be kinkier , too. Fun Fact: they are the only nonhuman species that can have Blanks , likely because they ate one at some point. Mercenary bands eat lots of different stuff, and so can have various genetic traits. They have attack dogs, gorillas with elephant guns, riding beasts like allosaurs, and really big riding beasts like T.

There is no contention that Kroot are exponentially cooler than Gungans. More meat? They also have a rather dark sense of humor; for example, offering human meat to human diplomats because they think seeing their reactions are funny.

This is also shown in the second Last Chancers book "Kill Team", where Kage is forced to eat a human brain while he goes into horrific detail about the taste and texture. After this, the Kroot reveals that this was a secret test of character, but also that it was good for shits and giggles. In general, the Kroot sense of humor revolves around making other people profoundly uncomfortable. For example, a Kroot might walk into the same elevator as a Water Caste diplomat, turn up her pungent pheromones to full blast, and silently laugh her bird-woman ass off as the increasingly-uncomfortable fellow passenger tries to ignore it with less and less success.

Kroot also have shamans psykers. They pilot warp ships called Warspheres ; large, spherical things of dubious quality but capable of warp travel. They have lost souls to the warp, especially Khorne. Though 8th edition hinted otherwise As a consequence, every animal-filled ecological niche on Pech is now filled by some form of degenerated kroot. But, so far, only a select handful of Kroot offshoots have been explicitly called out Kroot Hounds are one of the most iconic of these strains, having been around since the Kroot were released.

These Kroot degenerated into small, sleek, pack-hunting quadrupeds, easily tamed by their still-sapient cousins. Lesser Knarlocs are sort of a step-up from the Kroot Hounds, being analogous to either a pack-hunting terror-bird or a more avian pack of velociraptors. Kroot like to ride them as cavalry. Great Knarlocs are much, much bigger, solo-hunter variants of the standard Knarlocs.

If a lesser Knarloc is a Velociraptor, the great one is a beaky T-Rex. Krootors are swamp-dwelling, amphibious predators, essentially a Krootified alligator. Their only known appearance in the canon so far is in The Screaming Vortex , on the planet Asphodel. Move and hit like Eldar. Die like Guardsmen. Building list[ edit ] Do you like to win more than you like to have fun?

Good, you might enjoy a nearly-full Kroot list in the 8th ed. Kroot carnivores are your troops choice, followed by one of three elites: Dahyak Grekh, Krootox Riders, or Kroot shapers. Take them all because why not. Yes, this is how Kroot fuck.

Note which part of that fine piece of blueberry the Kroot is groping. They also have quite a way with words. Forces of the Tau.


Kroot Shaper

Share A Kroot Shaper leading his kindred. A particularly large Kindred is typically run by a Master Shaper , while a group consisting of multiple Kindreds may be headed by a Shaper Council comprised of three to five Kroot Shapers, who act as overseers to the other Shapers, and ensure that Shapers do not lead their warriors down a dangerous or dead end evolutionary path. Occasionally a so-called "Shaper Chief" may rise to power in times of crisis, such as Anghkor Prok , and unite hundreds of Kindreds into a single Kroot army. Contents Role A Kroot Shaper. However, more significantly, they play a vital role within Kroot society which shapes the fate of the entire species. The Kroot have at some distant point in their past gained the ability to absorb the genetic characteristics of their prey, inheriting many of their physiological and anatomical features.


Warhammer 40,000/Chapter Approved/Kroot Mercenaries

This adds the Fleet rule to a model who purchases it. However, doing so will replace the Infiltrate special rule with Outflank and make the unit unable to make a Sweeping Advance, and must always consolidate after a unit disengages from combat. These Kroot Hounds form a unit with their buyer, and models with Independent Character will remain able to join other units. If the Independent Character ever dies while attached to a unit, then the purchased Kroot Hounds are attached to that unit instead.


T'au Empire

The previously unencountered Kroot were defending their enclave on the planet of Krath, although they were hopelessly outnumbered. Too late, however, they realised that this was merely the vanguard of a mighty invasion force that was closing on them in an encircling pattern. There, at the sacred Oathstone, the Kroot leader swore allegiance to the Tau Empire and pledged his warriors to fight for the Greater Good and regular payment. That pledge, and the cooperation between the two races, is still honoured today.

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